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Here at Haynie & Company, we understand as well as anyone that construction companies can bring upon owners and managers some of the greatest accounting challenges. Complex finances, loan structures, and all the coverage requirements make for every day a new puzzle that has to be solved—particularly when it comes to accounting and filing taxes.


All too many construction companies here in the Las Vegas area attempt to forgo their accounting responsibilities without the help of a qualified CPA. And many of these companies are certainly getting by. But, upon closer examination, it’s also true that the majority of these companies are allowing a lot of money to slip through their fingers, without ever being aware. That’s why your construction business needs the professional CPAs at Haynie & Company’s office here in Las Vegas.


The construction industry is tough enough as it is—let alone the accounting side of things. Borrowing folks from other departments or relying solely on accounting software may seem like you’re getting the job done, but the fact is, to truly save money, only a proper construction CPA from Haynie & Company, right here in Las Vegas, can catch all the little details required to put the pieces together.

Most Knowledgeable & Experienced CPAs In Las Vegas

Haynie & Company has been working with individuals and businesses since all the way back in 1960. Our construction CPAs here in Las Vegas come from backgrounds of all stripes, and their expertise in this industry is colored by that versatility.


Haynie & Company is far from just a tax firm. Our construction CPAs here in Las Vegas have assisted in locating hidden savings in all circumstances. We can provide any accounting service your construction company needs with the help of the latest tax code. While our achievements come from the knowledge we have accrued over 60 years in the accounting industry, Haynie & Company’s constant growth is a testament to our drive to always do better by our clients.

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Las Vegas Construction CPAs Who’ve Worked in the Industry`

Haynie & Company’s construction CPAs in Las Vegas are more than just highly-educated bookkeepers. Yes, our general accounting services alone can save you a great deal of money. Better yet, our services can provide insight into what’s working for your business, where you can increase margins, or what products and services are working better than you might have realized. But our construction CPAs can also do so much more. Right here in Las Vegas, Haynie & Company has served the following forms and sizes of construction companies:


  • Privately Held
  • Residential
  • Non-Residential
  • Owner Builder
  • Industrial
  • Small Renovation Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Civil Engineering
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Highway Contractors
  • Real Estate
  • Specialty Subcontractors


Haynie & Company’s versatility is rare among CPA firms with an eye for the construction business. Our construction CPAs will allow you to see a whole new side of your business—and knowledge is power. Don’t try to save a little extra money only to end up spending a whole lot of it down the line. Contact our construction CPAs here in Las Vegas today.

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When was the last time that a professional accountant took a look at your books? Most construction businesses are losing out on huge opportunities for savings due to the complexities of the business. Here at Haynie & Company’s offices in Las Vegas, our construction CPAs do far more than taxes and bookkeeping. So give us a call today for a free consultation at 702-242-3444.