Las Vegas Audit and Assurance

Full-Service Audit & Assurance in Las Vegas

Since opening our first location in 1960, Haynie & Company’s team of CPAs and management consultants has grown to over 400 members and reached over a dozen major cities throughout the United States–including Las Vegas. Our full-service CPA firm is capable of helping any business within any industry or sector achieve its financial goals.


The same goes for each of our services. Far from formulaic, Haynie & Company’s team in Las Vegas possesses a complete understanding of the challenges your business faces. When it comes to audit and assurance services, Haynie & Company remains the most trusted CPA firm in the business.


Haynie & Company’s audit and assurance CPAs and consultants work around the clock. We are constantly strengthening our approach to issues of compliance and regulatory review. You can count on us to protect and fight for your business no matter the circumstances.

Our CPAs can work with you on both sides of an audit

In general, there are two types of audits: internal and external. Either form of audit requires thorough scrutiny of your business’s financial and tax records. With dozens of expert CPAs and consultants specializing in the area, Haynie & Company dedicates ample resources to both types of auditing and compliance measures.


Internal audits are conducted as a means of bolstering your accounting procedures. For example, you might want to figure out what went wrong with a certain accounting procedure. Financial forensics is a form of auditing that gets to the bottom of an internal problem.


On the other side of the same coin, external audits are performed by outside parties, such as regulatory bodies. External audits are required to attain specific licenses and accreditations (such as tax credit compliance) or as regularly scheduled reviews of your company in certain lines of business or as a public business. Other reasons for audits include:


  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private business audits
  • Due diligence
  • Annual and quarterly filing assistance
  • Fraud protection, fraud prevention
  • Outsourced internal audits
  • Governmental audits
  • Privatization
  • …and more

Haynie & Company helps with the hard stuff too

When we think of audits, many of us picture hardline agents from the IRS or FBI inspecting fraud or theft. You can rest assured that the overwhelming majority of audits are performed as a matter of routine. However, there will always be times when your company must hold up to regulatory scrutiny. Whether this results from an error or the unfortunate behavior of a single or small group of employees, you need to prepare your business.


Haynie & Company wields decades’ worth of experience and knowledge in audit and assurance. Our steadfast CPAs ensure the safety and integrity of your business. Our audit and assurance team in Las Vegas provides services across all forms of external review, including but not limited to:


  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) registered
  • SEC Audits, Review, and Consultations
  • Preparation and review of public filings before auditor review
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 internal control implementation
  • Other required SEC filings


To schedule an initial consultation with one of Las Vegas’s top audit and assurance specialists, call Haynie & Company at (702) 242-3444. Or fill out our online form for more information.