Las Vegas Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation Specialists in Las Vegas

When most members of the workforce think of accounting departments and services, they think of bookkeeping, financial reports, and taxes. However, the CPAs at Haynie & Company in Las Vegas know that there’s a lot more that goes into great accounting work. In fact, of all the nooks and nuances, one of the most important accounting strategies is cost segregation analysis.


A cost segregation analysis can help any business with property assets save money and increase cash flow. From private equity firms managing rental apartments to manufacturing companies running factories and warehouses, cost segregation will shorten the depreciation time on these property assets to reduce tax liability.


For over 60 years, Haynie & Company has serviced businesses across the country. Needless to say, our experienced CPAs have performed more than a few cost segregation analyses. Recognized as a top business consulting and accounting firm in Las Vegas, no other CPA firm is better equipped to perform an imaginative and law-abiding cost segregation analysis that maximizes returns.

Our CPAs in Las Vegas combine internal skill and external networks

Unlike most CPA firms, Haynie & Company’s strategies transcend formulaic accounting procedures. Our CPAs in Las Vegas launch imaginative cost segregation studies that utilize your business’s finest details and real estate assets.


Moreover, our CPAs are connected with Las Vegas’ network of accounting leaders and in touch with the latest developments. Our accreditations and associations–from the ASCPA club to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants–keep us informed on the latest trends and technologies across the field. We’re always looking out for regulations and court cases that may change how our Las Vegas CPAs conduct cost segregation studies.

Haynie & Company’s CPAs in Las Vegas maximize cash flow

Expert CPAs accelerate the depreciation period of newly built, acquired, or upgraded properties by recategorizing assets. But Haynie & Company doesn’t stop there. Our experienced team in Las Vegas also:


  • rectifies misclassified assets (such as any other properties)
  • reduces property taxes across all properties
  • provides safeguards that stand the test of IRS review


There’s a reason why businesses across the country rely on Haynie & Company for cost segregation analysis. Above and beyond individualized analyses and applying the vanguard techniques, the expert CPAs working in our Las Vegas office get the job done. Outside Haynie & Company, no other CPA firm can make the necessary cuts to your business’ tax liability.

Contact Our CPA Firm in Las Vegas for outsized savings on real estate

Many businesses don’t realize that the massive tax liabilities on property assets can be rectified. Haynie & Company is more experienced and knowledgeable than any other CPA firm in the Las Vegas area when it comes to cost segregation analysis. Give us a call at 702-242-3444, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.