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As a business owner or manager, your time is as valuable as it is limited. Like most, if not all your employees, you wear many hats. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get to everything you need to do. In which case, something’s got to give. As our business valuation CPAs at Haynie & Company’s office in Las Vegas see all too often, accounting duties tend to be the first to go.


Haynie & Company has worked with hundreds of businesses, for countless reasons, to find effective valuations. Regardless of why you require a business valuation, the pandemic hasn’t made it any easier to reach a consensus, let alone a number that suits all parties. Our business valuation CPAs have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes.


As our professional CPAs in Las Vegas know, valuation comes into play whether you’re looking to sell your business or simply add a new product line. Haynie & Company uses the most advanced and, more importantly, relevant valuation metrics to ensure that you’re making the right business decisions.

Haynie & Company’s Reliable Business Valuation Team

Most accounting ventures and even CPA firms do everything they can to apply a formula to their practice. That means providing the same service to every client, regardless of the details. Haynie & Company’s team of CPAs here in Las Vegas commands an unparalleled perspective of how to cater business valuations to your industry, sector, and most importantly, your specific business.


While starting to make an overall valuation, we take one of three angles of attack:


  1. Net Asset Value focuses exclusively on the asset base of the firm. Typically, this model will produce the lowest valuation as there is little projection or goodwill baked into the value.
  2. Discounted Future Earnings focuses exclusively on the earnings potential of the firm. In most, but not all cases, this approach will produce the highest valuation because it projects how the firm might evolve over time.
  3. Assets and Earnings combines the two previous models in an attempt to find some mid-range valuation point.
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Still, your business isn’t like anyone else’s. You need a team of expert CPAs who can understand how aspects like goodwill and other intangibles work for your company. Furthermore, you need business valuation CPAs that can understand how daily decisions require a constant estimation of the business’ worth. The best owners and managers are always revising their opinion on business segments. Products and services that produce smaller margins or overall profits may be a larger drag on the company. On the other hand, they could be adding value to the business in ways not readily available on the balance sheet.


Haynie & Company first opened its doors all the way back in 1960. A major aspect of our success is due to our ability to witness and adapt to the changes that have taken place over all these years. More than staying a few steps ahead of other CPA firms, our network of experienced professionals has established the vanguard of best practices and standards in the accounting industry. Our business valuation CPAs in Las Vegas bring to your company a wealth of knowledge that will only bolster your business moving forward.

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As a business owner, executive, or manager, you make decisions on a daily basis that require an understanding of how much your company is worth. Your understanding must be deep and integrated enough so that you can assess changes, additions, and subtractions to all moving parts and react in kind. Haynie & Company’s business valuation CPAs in Las Vegas keep you fully apprised so that, whether you’re planning a big merger or simply reviewing your product lines, you’re always best positioned for success. So give us a call today at 702-242-3444, or through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.