Peer Review


Haynie & Company is a CPA firm that serves as peer reviewers as part of the American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) Peer Review Program. Our qualified team can review your firm’s financial statements to ensure accordance with AICPA standards.


Peer reviews determine if a CPA firm’s financial statements comply with professional standards. During peer review, an independent CPA firm will review the financial statements prepared by another CPA firm.

AICPA Requirements

The AICPA sets ethical and auditing standards in the accounting profession for members, nonprofit organizations, private companies, and governments.


Firms enrolled in the AICPA’s Peer Review Program are required to conduct a peer review once every three years. The review will focus on the firms’ accounting and auditing practices related to non-Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) issues covering one year.


The peer review must be conducted by an independent evaluator, such as Haynie and Company. The AICPA oversees the program, and an entity approved to perform the role will administer the review.

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