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Rigorous and Reliable Tax Planning CPAs in Las Vegas

Taxes are too important to leave up to the last minute. That’s what we tell ourselves every year, and rightly so. Such resolutions should apply also to how well your taxes are done. We know that big corporations aren’t leaving tax planning up to an automated software package or a savvy neighbor. Why should you?


There are CPA firms that claim to provide a tax planning service when, in fact, they provide only a tax preparation service. Though these may sound similar, beware, as they are two very different things. Tax preparation involves the act of collecting the filings necessary to complete your taxes. Tax planning, on the other hand, requires a professional CPA’s talent for optimizing your return. Automated services might (in theory) ensure that you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. They will not, however, ensure that you absolutely maximize your return.


Haynie & Company’s expert CPAs provide top quality tax planning services for both individuals and businesses throughout the greater Las Vegas area. Far from maximizing churn, our tax planning CPAs here in Las Vegas take each client, large or small, on an individual basis. Whether you own a private equity company dealing in complicated tax code or are a W-2 employee, Haynie & Company can optimize your return through rigorous and reliable tax planning services.

Las Vegas’s Most Versatile Tax Planning CPAs

Here at Haynie & Company’s office in Las Vegas, our CPAs are encouraged to be as creative as they are rigorous. We forbid formulaic processes, and we are thorough in our assessment of your finances. At the same time, we are constantly vigilant of IRS regulations and the latest changes to the tax code. Our expert CPAs explore every opportunity to save our clients money.


Haynie & Company’s expert CPAs take the time to create a truly in-depth tax plan. We begin by considering every option, free of budgetary constraints to perform specialized tax planning services. Examples of curated services include:


  • Business entity selection
  • Business valuation
  • Succession planning
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Tax credits & incentives
  • Tax research & consulting
  • State & local tax
  • Cost segregation study
  • International & multi-state tax
  • Representation before taxing authorities
  • Estate & trust tax services
  • Personal property tax
  • Sales & use tax
  • Payroll tax processing


Such specialized areas are only a beginning. No two private equity trusts or W-2 employees are alike. For example, our clients own different properties in different states. They own or work at different companies and make different purchases. Some are married, some single. Some have children, others don’t. A multitude of considerations go into determining the circumstances of every client.


Haynie & Company’s tax planning CPAs here in Las Vegas take the time to customize your filing. Because of our patience and attention to detail, Haynie & Company’s Las Vegas branch has been named a Best Accountant and Best Business Advisor for 2021.


When it comes to tax planning, be sure that you work with a firm with a reputation for legal adherence and optimization. Give Haynie & Company’s office in Las Vegas a call today, and we will make sure that you get every penny due to you.

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