Tax Organizer


The Tax Organizer is a helpful tool for preparing your documents for our CPAs. Our tax clients always look for their Tax Organizers to arrive in December. In 2022, we will no longer mail or email Tax Organizers as we have in the past.


Your personalized Tax Organizer will now be inside the new, secure Client Portal. It will be available on January 12, 2022. Our new, paperless system will make submitting your documents easier and more secure.


If you require the traditional, paper Tax Organizer contact your local Haynie office. You can still drop off or mail tax documents to our office if you prefer.


When filling out your tax organizer, please review your contact information and be as complete as possible. We will provide a PDF version of your tax organizer in the Client Portal Files section. You will be notified by email when this is available. The PDF will be helpful when compiling information to provide us, including income and expenses for Schedules C, E, or F (self-employment, rentals, or farming). For help visit the Client Portal.


What does your CPA need from you? Click here for a list of general information to gather when preparing documents for your individual tax return or business tax return.