Haynie & Company CPA Firm FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About CPAs

When it comes to accounting firms, we know you have a choice.


At Haynie & Company, the expertise of our team of certified public accountants, investment fund auditors, and trusted advisers helps you manage your money in smart and strategic ways. If you’re looking for a CPA firm near you or you’ve decided your business needs external help with tax preparation or other accounting services, we have the answers you’re looking for.


Below we’ve collected a list of frequently asked questions from our clients and prospective customers. To speak with experienced CPAs or CFEs, contact Haynie & Company today. We are expertly trained, accomplished, and capable of delivering accounting services uniquely tailored to you and your business.


How Much Does A CPA Cost?

Most CPAs charge by the hour*. Since they perform a wide range of services, the cost of a CPA depends on what specific services a business requires. For example, some businesses are looking to outsource their entire accounting department, while others just need a little extra support during tax season. Speak directly with a local CPA from our full-service CPA firm to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

What Does A CPA Do?

A CPA, or certified public accountant, performs a variety of services — everything from general bookkeeping and tax preparation, to business consulting and audit and assurance.


At Haynie & Company, we offer the following:


What’s The Difference Between A CPA And An Accountant?

All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. A CPA designation indicates that an individual is a certified public accountant who has met specific state and education licensing requirements and passed a rigorous a CPA license exam. Therefore, a CPA is better qualified than an accountant to perform more advanced accounting duties and to comply with all regulations set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. Furthermore, only a CPA can prepare an audited financial statement or review the financial statement and file reports with the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC).

What Industries Does The Haynie & Company CPA Firm Serve?

With more than a dozen CPA firms across the country, Haynie & Company has the knowledge and resources to represent clients and empower large and small businesses from a wide range of industries.


We specialize in the following industries:



However, no matter what industry you work in, we encourage you to reach out and learn more about how Haynie & Company can manage cash flow and maximize growth potential. Find a Haynie & Company CPA firm location near you or use the contact form below to get started.

What CPA Certifications Or Licenses Do Haynie’s Accountants Have?

Haynie & Company is powered by a reliable team of CPAs and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs). Many of our professionals are members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as well as their local state societies.

How Does Haynie Help With Business Taxes And Tax Codes?

Tax planning should be done every year. In addition to being a major cost to businesses and individuals, taxes are also a significant stressor. A small mistake could snowball into a financial disaster that throws you off track. Luckily, our team is here to guide you through the complex tax code so that not only are you In addition to complying with all necessary tax laws and regulations, we make sure you’re able to take advantage of tax planning strategies, uncover opportunities to save money, and meet your goals.


At Haynie & Company, we’re committed to ongoing education and transparency. We closely monitor plans from Congress and are available year-round to discuss your specific situation. We also post frequent updates on our website with relevant tax info you’ll need to know.

Is Haynie & Company Hiring?

Haynie & Company is rapidly expanding and looking for talented individuals to join our team. Since our start in 1960, we’ve grown from a single office to multiple locations with hundreds of dedicated employees.


To explore job openings, please visit our Careers page.

Does Haynie Offer Accounting Student Internships?

Yes, each Haynie & Company location has various needs for tax and audit interns. We also hold accounting student events throughout the year. To learn more about our various student events and internship opportunities, please visit our Accounting Students page.

What Sets Haynie & Company Apart From Other CPA Firms?

  • Our firm vision is simple: Exceeding Expectations. We will do everything to communicate clearly, align our expectations, and deliver superior results to each and every one of our treasured clients.
  • Since our start in 1960, we’ve built long-term client relationships based on our core values of trust, growth, service, communication, and family.
  • Our experience spans a wide variety of private businesses, public businesses, not-for-profit entities, and even government agencies.
  • We offer a broad-based business consulting practice so you can get expert advice on your business management, operations, or other financial areas.
  • We take an objective, no-nonsense business approach that focuses on constructive suggestions to help you develop practical skills in money management.

Contact Haynie & Company Accounting Firm To Take Control Of Your Financial Future


Small businesses commonly struggle with accounting. In some cases, poor financial planning can even sabotage them and hinder their growth.


Fortunately, Haynie & Company’s specialists and CPAs are here to support individuals and businesses across the country. Our accounting, tax preparation, and consulting services help you stay in control of your financial future. In addition, our professional auditing services enable you to gain exclusive insights and apply practical skills and good financial habits that set you up for success.


Haynie & Company currently has established locations in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas. To speak with a certified public accountant near you and schedule a consultation, find a location in your state.