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Here at Haynie & Company, we have no intention of reminding startups of how busy they are, and therefore why they need a professional CPA firm to shore up their books. While perhaps true, we think our client startups should work with us for better reasons: Haynie & Company was founded to be what other CPA firms only claim to be.


That is, Haynie & Company didn’t set out to apply the same strategies and solutions across dozens of inherently unique client businesses. Our CPAs set out to adapt to any situation in which our client businesses find themselves and help them evolve. Though accounting is just one aspect of any business, it can change the entire complexion of how a startup grows and scales.

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Haynie & Company’s CPAs Specialize In Startups

It would be limiting to say that our startup CPAs here in Austin are merely startup specialists. Haynie & Company provides to all our client businesses a team of CPAs that, while excelling in their respective focus, are also able to perform the entire range of accounting services, from fundamental to complex. And that’s exactly what startup businesses require: versatile workers who can wear many hats. As accounting consultants, we will perform not only the services requested, but also the services whose need becomes apparent over the course of rapid growth and expansion.


Our CPAs here at Haynie & Company’s offices in Austin specialize in any number of industries, sectors, or, of course, stages of growth. Just as importantly, however, our expert CPAs, to a person, understand the full breadth of the tax code and its possibilities; they grasp all consequential aspects of regulation and compliance; and are able to apply to your business whatever tool is necessary to engender solutions and success. As a startup, what you need in your accounting team is evolving as rapidly as your overall business needs. You need a team of startup CPAs that can evolve along with you.

Haynie & Company’s CPAs Are Renowned For Great Results

In the end, regardless of specialty or skill set, your startup requires a CPA that can get the job done. That could very well be the case, and Haynie & Company has performed the tasks set before them to many clients’ desires. However, when warranted and invited, Haynie & Company’s startup CPAs also bring to your fledgling business any accounting service your startup could possibly require—including, but certainly not limited to:


  • Tax Planning
  • Consulting and installation of QuickBooks
  • Accounting and financial statement preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Internal accounting assistance and consulting
  • Internal budgeting and financial analysis
  • Facilitation of internal control for small businesses
  • Cash Flow management
  • Accounts Receivable management


Founded all the way back in 1960, Haynie & Company has been in business for over 60 years. Our company and its culture are built around success. Here in Austin, our startup CPAs bring to your business this very same culture—imbuing into your young business a sense of knowledge, experience, and achievement that will permeate your office. Haynie & Company boasts the best team of CPAs here Austin for a reason. Give us a call to find out exactly why.

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