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Seeking the true value of your business during an acquisition or merger? Net income can only tell you so much, which is why the real secret to a successful transition lies in the Quality of Earnings (QOE).


A QOE report is a more detailed type of financial due diligence, taking a thorough examination of a company’s financial and operating information with emphasis on earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). Here, a more vivid picture of profitability surfaces, benefiting both sellers by strengthening their case and buyers by providing them with a comprehensive view of a business’s potential.


During an acquisition, merger, or other transaction types, either party can conduct a QOE report; however, buyers are more likely on average to engage with a quality of earnings firm like Haynie & Company. At Haynie & Company, we pride ourselves on delivering reports that not only instill confidence but also empower you to make informed decisions that pave the way for your company’s success. For an authentic unveiling of your business’s true worth in Austin, Texas, contact us today for the quality of earnings service you deserve.

Benefits of Working With Our Quality of Earnings CPA Firm


The intent of a quality of earnings analysis is to reveal how much capital a business earns and how it might perform in the future, highlighting the strength of various revenue streams for utmost transparency. A QOE report provides value to both buyers and sellers as it shows where a business’s income comes from and how significant it is.

Moreover, while there are several forms of financial due diligence, this form of assurance gives a better understanding of a company’s true worth, and buyers and sellers alike can benefit greatly from this service.

Stakeholder Confidence

Transparent financial reporting that quality of earnings and earnings management gives instills trust among investors, lenders, and other stakeholders, strengthening relationships and reducing uncertainty.

Boost in Credibility

A QOE report enhances the integrity of any transaction, helping both parties feel assured during the entire process and boosting credibility through objective financial insights from an unbiased third party.

Targeted Strategic Planning

An independent third party, like Haynie & Company, can offer quality of earnings services that provide crucial insights for making well-informed financial decisions related to mergers, acquisitions, or investments.

Identify Strengths & Risks

A QOE report helps identify strengths and potential risks in a company’s financial statements, ensuring a smoother transition and safeguarding its financial stability.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses that arm themselves with a detailed analysis of their finances via a QOE report have a competitive edge as they can navigate financial complexities with greater confidence and accuracy.

Quality of Earnings Audit vs. Report: What’s the Difference?

Both quality of earnings reports and audited financials are forms of the due diligence process. However, only a QOE report can give buyers and sellers targeted analysis of key performance indicators that illustrate a business’s past profitability and future earning potential. Here, qualitative aspects of earnings are examined in depth, assessing the sustainability and quality of a company’s income streams.


In a QOE report, you can typically expect to find the following:


  • An executive summary
  • A statement of revenue streams by category
  • Income statement analysis
  • Working capital analysis
  • EBITDA summary
  • Debt assessment
  • And more

Austin, Texas’s Trusted Quality of Earnings CPA Firm


Whether you’re a potential buyer or a seller, don’t miss the chance to boost your credibility and secure the best outcome for your business. Take the first step towards a seamless merger or acquisition with Haynie & Company today.


With over 60 years of financial expertise, our quality of earnings firm in Austin, Texas, can make all the difference in making well-informed decisions that drive your current and future success. For an in-depth view of your business’s financial performance, contact us at (512)-812-8523 or schedule a consultation through our online form.

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