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Business and Personal Tax Services in Austin

Haynie & Company is a full-service CPA firm specializing in tax services and tax planning since 1960. Our associates confidently and expertly plan for and prepare taxes for businesses and individuals.


Tax services involve the ongoing tax planning necessary to develop strong tax strategies, and the preparation of tax filings all throughout the year. These services are critical to businesses, both large and small, and our team of experts has the experience and background to execute these projects in a consultative manner.


Perhaps you’re working with another firm on your tax services, but you’re just not getting the attention you need. Or worse, you’re partnering with someone who is missing filing deadlines and failing to plan properly. At Haynie & Company, one of our core values is exceeding expectations. We’ll go out of our way to ensure your tax strategies are worked, reworked, and then reworked again until we’ve made sure we have a solid strategy that will take the worry off your plate.


A good CPA tax services firm will do a good job of planning and filing taxes. A great firm like Haynie & Company will go out of their way to identify areas of potential tax savings and save you from unnecessary tax liability.


Partnering with us means you have consultants who are knowledgeable, proactive, and relentless in ensuring your tax matters are handled with the utmost urgency.

Professionals at Haynie & Company meeting to discuss the 179D Energy Tax Deduction.

Tax Planning Is Key To Potential Tax Savings

If you aren’t planning ahead for your tax filings, you’re missing out on opportunities; opportunities to structure your organization in such a way as to maximize tax deductions, and planning for ways to mitigate tax liability. For these reasons, we are extremely proactive with our customers in planning ahead on your tax matters.


At Haynie & Company, we pride ourselves on being very up to speed with federal, state, and local tax issues, so your tax planning incorporates all of the latest tax code changes. Planning your tax strategies month over month ensures that the proper attention is paid to your taxes – one of a company’s largest liabilities.


To inquire about our tax planning services, you can contact our Haynie & Company’s Austin team by phone at (512) 671-7711.

Tax Preparation At Its Finest

Haynie & Company will do your tax preparation with care and expertise. We are well-known for our tax preparation services and will execute your tax documents with the expertise and knowledge that comes with being in the business for 30+ years.


You deserve a tax preparation partner who will see your unique business for what it is. Our Certified Professional Accountants have experience in various types of businesses in different industries, so you can be sure we have a tax expert who knows the ins and outs of your particular industry vertical.


When individuals get ready to prepare their tax returns, they are often frustrated and worried by the time they make it to our door. We are the leading tax preparation firm in Austin, Texas, and will do everything in our power to prepare your taxes promptly and with a minimum of pain and worry for you!

An employee of Haynie & Company providing tax services.

Haynie & Company: Tax Services You Can Count On

Taxes are one of the single largest expenses companies incur. Trusting your tax preparation, planning, and execution with Haynie & Company will be the best decision your company will ever make. Talk to us today about how our tax service offerings can help you reap the benefits of working with talented tax consultants! Call today at (512) 671-7711.