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As a longstanding and reliable CPA firm working with businesses across the entire country, Haynie & Company provides a vast range of accounting services. The services most companies are familiar with are big and sweeping, such as compiling annual 10-K reports for public businesses or filing annual taxes. However, cost segregation services, which create massive savings for businesses with property assets, are more local and specific–yet just as important.


Properties can only last for so long. By accelerating the depreciation of your company’s real estate assets, you deduct more losses from their wear and tear. When performed properly, cost segregation studies cut depreciation periods several times over and even cut into the property taxes themselves.


That’s why it’s so important when conducting a cost segregation analysis to work with an accredited, award-winning, and reliable CPA firm like Haynie & Company. Our CPAs in Austin, Texas, apply to cost segregation studies creative and highly profitable strategies that always conform to the last letter of the law.

Haynie & Company Customizes Every Cost Segregation Study

Two major elements separate Haynie & Company from other copy-and-paste accounting firms: our high-quality, individualized cost segregation process; and the unparalleled knowledge and experience of our expert CPAs. Since 1960, Haynie & Company has been developing customized cost segregation analysis.


Our CPAs lay the groundwork during our kickoff meeting. But we quickly transition into discovering more about your business–its mission and goals, how it’s run, and your cash flow requirements–to find the most efficient and effective path toward maximizing the cost segregation analysis. Avoiding patterned, repeatable procedures, our CPAs in Austin tailor novel cost segregation strategies to meet your business’ properties.


As mentioned earlier, Haynie & Company’s cost segregation studies accelerate the depreciation period of newly built, acquired, or upgraded properties by reclassifying assets. But our firm does more than your average accounting firm, going so far as to:


  • Label unidentified assets (such as any other properties)
  • Reduce taxes across all properties
  • Install audit protections in preparation for audit or review


Concerning our success at Haynie & Company, discussed earlier, we left out a third factor: our office in Austin puts the client first. Above and beyond our accomplishments and accreditations, nothing matters more than the task at hand. When calling upon our team for your cost segregation study, our past performance bears no weight on the present job. Our CPAs in Austin, Texas, treat every single cost segregation study as if it were our first.

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Too many businesses remain unaware of how much they can save when it comes to property taxes. Cost segregation studies are not only for real estate companies. If your business owns real estate, you could be missing out on massive cash flows. Give Haynie & Company a call at (512) 671-7711, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.