Business Valuation CPAs in Austin, TX

Now more than ever, businesses small and large are looking to save. Here at Haynie & Company, we have worked with businesses and individuals across the country to overcome a wide range of challenges in wake of the pandemic. Our professional CPAs at our branch in Austin, in particular, continue to see an influx of startups and corporations alike as businesses run from the high costs of coastal cities. As such, there have been a tremendous number of mergers and acquisitions, providing our business valuation CPAs with plenty of work.


But our business valuation CPAs here at Haynie & Company know full well that their expertise spreads far beyond estimating the market cap of pre-IPO businesses. Even small businesses with no intent of selling require an understanding of their value. Whether you’re laying out the budget for the next quarter or figuring out how many you can add to your salesforce, it’s impossible to come to the correct conclusions without a precise understanding of what your business is worth, and under what circumstances.


Meanwhile, Haynie & Company’s office in Austin has taken on more clients for another reason: Businesses across the country are shedding their accounting departments. We believe that this can be a cost-effective strategy. Our expert CPAs have seen too many businesses replace their accounting staff with only software and the staff member with the highest math education. This leaves little room for error, and none for the countless contributions that a proper accounting staff provides to any business. One such contribution is that of business valuations.

Business Valuation: Integral To Your Growth & Decision-Making

Haynie & Company opened its doors back in 1960. With over 60 years of experience, few CPA firms can match our knowledge. We have refined our service to a science while also providing the most customized experience to each and every client.


What the expert CPAs here at Haynie & Company are perhaps known for best is our dual ability to specialize while remaining versatile. Our team in Austin can provide any service, period, and we can do so with utmost specificity. Nowhere is that more true than here in Austin. Our business valuation CPAs work with every industry in town, from local independent coffee shops to some of the country’s largest corporations.


As mentioned, Haynie & Company’s team in Austin helped businesses seeking more affordable property, leasing, and tax laws. Our business valuation CPAs work with big public companies whose transition affected total assets, the bottom line on their 10-K annual report, and therefore their market capitalization. Our business valuation CPAs work with companies that brought on new products and services to meet the growing demand, which requires a keen understanding of precisely how they will improve the bottom line, and therefore their valuation. The list goes on and on. In the end, acquisitions and mergers account for a fraction of how our business valuation CPAs contribute to businesses in Austin.


Haynie & Company’s business valuation CPAs get calls each and every day, because our services add immediate and lasting value to the businesses with which we work. We create lasting partnerships by tailoring our services to our deep understanding of your business. We understand that valuations depend often on circumstance, yet we never allow this to cloud our judgment with regards to ethics and principles. Regardless of what you need, Haynie & Company’s team of business valuation CPAs in Austin is just a phone call away.

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a business or make some of the most fundamental, everyday decisions, Haynie & Company’s business valuation CPAs will ensure that you’re prepared for your next move. Contact Haynie & Company in Austin, Texas at 512-671-7711, or get in touch with us through our online form to set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable representatives.