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Providing peace of mind for your affordable housing project. 


Imagine a world where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing, where families thrive, communities flourish, and dreams take root. At Haynie & Company, we believe that the world is not just possible—it’s within reach. 


Since 1960, our firm has dedicated itself to helping individuals, families, and developers understand the ins and outs of HUD/LIHTC programs, empowering them to unlock a brighter future. With a passion for affordable housing and a deep knowledge of the regulatory landscape, Haynie & Company is ready to guide you every step of the way, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer seeking a place to call your own, a developer envisioning a vibrant community, or a property owner committed to providing quality, accessible housing. 


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Navigate with Confidence: Explore Our HUD/LIHTC Audit CPA Services

Ensuring compliance with the intricate regulations of HUD/LIHTC programs is crucial for success in affordable housing. At Haynie & Company, our dedicated team of licensed and certified HUD/LIHTC audit CPAs provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to bring clarity and confidence. We’ll delve into your financial records, ensuring accuracy, confirming adherence to program requirements and minimizing potential risks. 


Our HUD/LIHTC audit services include the following:

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our HUD/LIHTC audit CPAs will provide strategic guidance and insight to help you maximize your tax benefits. We handle all aspects of tax planning and preparation, ensuring you comply with program requirements and minimize your tax liability. 


Cost Certificate Audits

We carefully analyze project costs, verifying their eligibility and ensuring they comply with program guidelines. This rigorous examination helps you avoid potential penalties and safeguards the integrity of your project. 


Compliance Management

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive compliance management services, where we monitor program changes, provide timely updates, and ensure your property adheres to all HUD/LIHTC regulations, minimizing risks and protecting your investment. 


HUD Consulting

Haynie & Company will ensure you understand regulation and compliance with accuracy, demystifying HUD complexities with the help of our experienced HUD/LIHTC audit CPA consultants.


Additional HUD/LIHTC Audit Services

  • Annual HUD Audits
  • Financial Statements in Accordance with HUD & REAC Requirements
  • Audit Services for Subsidized USDA Projects
  • Accounting Services & HUD Reporting
  • Closing Assistance
  • Resolution of Audit & Compliance Findings Assistance
  • Annual Audits of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Projects
  • Form 990 Preparation (NFPs)
  • REAC Submission
  • Tax Credit Compliance

Haynie & Company: The Best Choice for Your HUD/LIHTC Audits in Austin

Local Expertise


Our team of HUD/LIHTC Audit CPAs has extensive experience with the unique nuances of the Austin, TX, market. We understand the challenges you face when navigating the complexities of affordable housing regulations. 


Proven Track Record


We have a successful history of assisting clients with affordable housing projects throughout Austin, TX, helping them achieve compliance and minimize risks while maximizing their impact on the community. 


Dedicated Client Support


Haynie & Company is committed to providing exceptional client service and exceeding expectations. We ensure all our clients receive personalized attention and ongoing support throughout the audit process. 


Unmatched Resources


We have the resources, the expertise, and the capacity to handle audits of all sizes and always ensure an accurate and thorough review of your financial records.

HUD/LIHTC Audit CPA Near Austin, TX: Let’s Build a Brighter Tomorrow Together

Imagine a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive, not just survive. Make that dream a reality with the help of  Haynie & Company’s expert HUD/LIHTC audit CPAs. We’ll guide you through the intricacies of HUD/LIHTC programs, not with dry jargon but with unwavering dedication and a shared vision of a brighter Austin. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let’s craft accessible, affordable housing for all.

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