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Few industries have survived the constantly evolving worldwide economy. What we once labored to complete using rudimentary tools we now accomplish at the stroke of a button, keyboard, or touchscreen. Real estate, however, has been a mainstay throughout the world. But where we once searched for fertile land, we now envisage neighborhoods, towns, and cities: the bedrock of civilization. Here at Haynie & Company’s branch in Littleton, CO, our real estate development CPAs have helped countless development firms realize the American dream.


Haynie & Company’s work over the past six decades has placed us at the forefront of the real estate CPA industry. More specifically, our development CPAs are working with the Denver area’s top developers, who rely on us to meet the wide range of challenges that arise from real estate accounting. There’s a reason why Haynie & Company has earned countless accolades, accreditations, and awards; and why our CPAs create long standing relationships with clients. It’s because our knowledgeable and experienced CPAs create far more value than we charge.

The Importance Of Specialized Real Estate Development CPAs

Our expert CPAs the Denver area like to say to clients that we don’t specialize in anything. We specialize in everything. Meaning, Haynie & Company’s dozen-plus branches nationwide wield CPAs specializing in virtually every industry and sector. Furthermore, each of our branches works together, as a tight-knit team, creating a network of knowledge, experience, and firepower that few, if any, competing CPA firms can rival.


Many real estate businesses wonder why they need specialized CPA services—that is, until they work with a formulaic CPA firm or accounting clerk. Real estate accounting requires a deep understanding of its tax code, best accounting practices, investment vehicles, and much, much more. Here at Haynie & Company, our real estate development CPAs have seen it time and again. Maximizing every dollar streaming through your accounts makes the difference between building a legacy and dragging out the most basic projects.


Real estate development demands discipline, foresight, and unwavering attention to detail. Keeping accounts for a development company requires no less. To achieve your mission, every budget must be hit, every projection on the nose, and every tax return compliant and optimized for greatest return. Haynie & Company’s real estate development CPAs here in Littleton, CO hail from myriad backgrounds but share the same level of knowledge and experience required to help your business reach and surpass its goals. No other CPA firm can promise the same.

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Haynie & Company’s Denver Area CPAs Can Do It All

Here at Haynie & Company, we opened our doors back in 1960. We’ve seen modern real estate development evolve over the decades. Our professional CPAs can recite homeowner data, changes in materials, and historical land pricing. The real estate development CPAs at our branch here in Littleton, CO often know more about our clients’ companies than their owners. Our mission is built upon a model of passion for our work and putting the client’s bottom line before our own—better yet, realizing that only the betterment of our client’s bottom line begets that of our own. Most importantly, Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs provide service to developers of every stripe, including, but not limited to:


  • Commercial & office development
  • Contractor accounting
  • Industrial development
  • Mixed-use developments
  • Retail development
  • Multi-family
  • Residential
  • Special use projects
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) development
  • Construction accounting


Along with the above, Haynie & Company is known for tailoring a strategy that meets the precise needs of your real estate development firm, regardless of your specialty. Far from the formulaic practice of CPA firms that churn clients, our CPAs in the Denver area pour their hearts into ensuring that your accounting practice is optimized. Whether creating a cost segregation study, setting up a 1031 exchange, or compiling everything we need to file your annual return, every last task will be executed to the fullest of our ability. So don’t wait any longer. Give your business the certainty that comes with the truly professional CPA service provided by Haynie & Company.

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Real estate development requires vision and focus. The same holds true for every department within your business—including accounting. Without a team of truly specialized and experienced CPAs from Haynie & Company, it’s all but guaranteed that you will miss out on significant savings and leave your business open to regulatory problems. The choice is simple. Give us a call at 303-734-4800, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.