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Every day, Haynie & Company works hard to get the word out about financial forensics. While the public has gained a certain view of the profession, our CPAs help client businesses and individuals understand that our work in financial forensics is more than what we see on TV.


Over the past few years, the media, television, and movies have spread awareness of hacking, cyber threats, and data security. All this attention on digital warfare has cast an indirect spotlight on financial forensics. While it’s not only in the business of cybersecurity, financial forensics plays a crucial role in investigating and preventing ransomware and other internet financial hazards. That means Haynie & Company’s financial forensics CPAs in Littleton, CO are on the front lines of modern theft and fraud.

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We understand more than anyone that financial forensics has to do with more than what takes place on our computers and smart devices. Every day, bad actors continue to commit crimes through credit card scams, insurance scams, and identity theft. None of which requires the knowledge or use of advanced technology. Furthermore, financial forensics is about far more than just crime. Our financial forensics CPAs at Haynie & Company’s office in Littleton, CO work with businesses and individuals all over the Denver metro area to:


  • Analyze records
  • Implement new financial systems and services
  • Monitor new or existing systems
  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Provide expert witness testimony
  • Determine damages
  • Resolve shareholder disputes
  • And much, much more.

Haynie & Company’s Financial Forensics Experience

Haynie & Company has been in business since 1960. Since then, we have formed teams of specialized CPAs that branch out into countless niche areas. With over 60 years of business under our belt, Haynie & Company’s network, archive of case studies, and pattern of success instill in our financial forensics CPAs an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience. Each member of our Littleton team comes from an extensive background and carries a unique skill set. Haynie & Company’s success in the Denver metro area shines through the stampede of awards and accolades bestowed upon our team of financial forensics CPAs on an annual basis.


Haynie & Company’s team has run stress tests on some of Denver’s biggest businesses to ensure the safety of their systems. We have tracked down and helped to reverse malware attacks that threatened to devastate Littleton’s small businesses. We have helped individuals investigate fraud and theft of inheritances, estates, and family wealth. We have offered expert testimony and evidentiary advice to victims during criminal trials and civil litigation. Put simply, no other firm in Littleton possesses the knowledge, experience, and ability wielded by our team of financial forensics CPAs at Haynie & Company.

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Financial forensics isn’t just what you see on TV. While it’s true that Haynie & Company aids in some of the biggest security breaches and prevention protocols, our team of financial forensics CPAs provide protection and insights for far more than malware events. Whether you’re an individual seeking help with discrepancies in family accounts or the owner of a large business in need of system analysis, Haynie & Company’s team of financial forensics CPAs can help you today. Visit us online or give us a call today to schedule a consultation at 303-734-4800.