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Experienced Quality of Earnings CPA Firm

In matters of business performance, net income is just the tip of the iceberg. To get a true understanding of your business’s value during an acquisition or merger, you need to look at the Quality of Earnings (QOE).

A QOE report goes beyond net income, examining critical metrics like earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) to give you the complete story of your company’s financial health and performance. Whether you’re buying or selling, a QOE report can help you make informed decisions and come to the negotiating table with confidence.

At Haynie & Company, our CPAs specialize in quality of earnings analysis. We can help you find the true value of your Denver, Colorado, business so you can maximize your returns and focus on growing your business. For the quality of earnings service you deserve, contact us today.

What Our Leading Quality of Earnings Firm Can Do for You


For those navigating the intricacies of business acquisitions or mergers, be it as a buyer or seller, the knowledge of revenue sources and their sustainability is paramount. That’s where the quality of earnings report can help, serving as your beacon through the haze of ambiguity.

Haynie & Company’s quality of earnings CPA firm can show you the true profitability of any business. Here’s how you can benefit from our services:

Identify Strengths & Risks

A QOE report helps identify strengths and potential risks in a company’s financial statements, ensuring a smoother transition and safeguarding its financial stability.

Enhanced Credibility

A QOE report enhances the integrity of any transaction, helping both parties feel assured during the process and boosting credibility. As an unbiased third party, we can deliver thorough and objective financial insights.

Targeted Strategies

An independent third party, like Haynie & Company, can give you the insights you need to make informed decisions as they relate to mergers, acquisitions, or investments. This information can help you identify potential red flags, evaluate investment opportunities, and develop targeted strategies to set your business up for success after the transaction.

Stakeholder Trust

Transparent financial reporting with quality of earnings and earnings management instills trust among investors, lenders, and other stakeholders, strengthening relationships and reducing uncertainty.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses that arm themselves with a detailed analysis of their finances via a QOE report have a competitive edge as they can navigate financial complexities with greater confidence and accuracy.

Quality of Earnings Audit vs. Report

What exactly is the difference between a quality of earnings audit and a report? This is a common question our CPAs see all the time. Let’s break it down.


Audited financials and quality of earnings are both forms of due diligence, but there is a key difference. While an audit gives you a snapshot of a company’s financial health at a specific point in time, a QOE report, in contrast, goes beyond the numbers to provide further insight into the quality and sustainability of a business’s earnings.


Unlike an audit, you can expect to find the following In a QOE report:

  • An executive summary
  • Working capital analysis
  • A statement of revenue streams by category
  • Income statement analysis
  • Debt assessment
  • EBITDA summary
  • And more

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Uncover the true value of your business with Haynie & Company, the leading quality of earnings CPA firm in Denver, Colorado. We’ve propelled the financial health of businesses forward for over six decades, and we’re ready to help you do the same. For an in-depth view of your business’s performance, contact us today at (303)-900-0409 or schedule a consultation through our online form.

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