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Most Qualified Cost Segregation CPAs in Denver, CO

Our expert CPAs at Haynie & Company in our Littleton, Colorado office near Denver, treat every one of our clients on an individual basis. Unlike most cookie-cutter CPA firms, we tailor our services to your business’s specific size, industry, and mission. But there’s one highly unique accounting tool applicable to any business–no matter their size, sector, or goal–whose balance sheet lists property assets: the cost segregation study.


Cost segregation studies–otherwise known as cost segregation analyses–are an incredible tool used to lower the tax liability for businesses in possession of the commercial real estate. For years, Haynie & Company’s CPAs have been pounding the pavement in search of companies with property assets that aren’t taking advantage of this tool–because not just any CPA firm can conduct a cost segregation study.


Cost segregation analyses allow a business to reclassify certain elements of property assets in order to speed up depreciation timelines. Depreciation of real estate such as family homes, factories, or warehouses is tax-deductible. Depreciation for commercial properties, for example, is typically set for 39 years. In this case, if your business owned a $1,000,000 building, you could deduct a bit under $26,000 a year. By shortening the depreciation timeline to 15 or even 7 years, you could increase yearly deductions well over two or five-fold.

Haynie & Company’s Uniquely Capable CPAs in Denver, CO

Haynie & Company’s CPAs have been serving businesses across the country for over 60 years. Since 1960, our team has spread to nearly twelve major cities. Not to mention our accreditations, our most recent achievements include but are not limited to:


  • Top Workplaces USA 2021
  • Accounting Today No. 1 Fastest-Growing Firm in the U.S. 2020
  • Inside Public Accounting Top 200 Firm 2020
  • Inside Public Accounting 2020 Fastest-Growing Firm
  • Accounting Today Managing Partner Elite 2020
  • Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor 2020
  • Best Accountants Littleton, CO 2020


Haynie & Company is uniquely positioned to perform the most comprehensive cost segregation studies of any CPA firm in the Denver, Colorado, area–and for reasons that go far deeper than any of the awards listed above.


  1. Our expert CPAs possess the specific knowledge and experience to undertake cost segregation analyses, which require an engineer’s perspective to survey elements of a commercial property that can be reclassified for shortened depreciation periods.
  2. At Haynie & Company, our CPAs, in addition to their robust internal resources, rely on a vast external network of agencies, consultants, and regulatory bodies. Our long list of affiliations and resources provides a brief insight into this network and how we wield it.
  3. Along with many of our service listings, cost segregation studies come with an objective, third-party review capable of standing up to any IRS audit or investigation.
  4. In addition to speeding up depreciation periods on your company’s real estate assets, Haynie & Company’s professional CPAs perform retroactive cost segregation studies. In looking back at your properties, structures, and functions, Haynie & Company has been able to guarantee significant additional savings for your business.


Haynie & Company is renowned for its outstanding services. Our cost segregation specialists are some of the brightest and most qualified cost segregation analysts in the world. No other CPA firm can provide the same level of service, the same level of individualized attention, or the same level of tax savings and cash flow increases.

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Haynie & Company’s CPAs have long seen the cost segregation study as one of the most underutilized tax strategies. If your business owns property assets, us a call in the Denver, CO area at (303) 734-4800, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.