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Haynie & Company’s Diligent HUD CPAs In the Denver Area

Here at Haynie & Company’s offices near Denver, Colorado, we stress to our clients the complexities of real estate accounting. We believe strongly that everyone in the real estate business—or engaged in a real estate deal—should work with a specialized real estate CPA. There are seemingly endless considerations. Compliance, tax implications, zoning laws—these factors can be a nightmare for anyone trying to run a business.


If real estate poses such great challenges to CPAs, HUD accounting must be up there with the most difficult tasks in all of the accounting business. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development creates opportunities for the government to work with the private sector to build low cost housing. As you well know, these deals can be very complicated.


The good news is that Haynie & Company’s HUD CPAs are some of the most diligent and reliable accountants in the nation. More importantly, however, drawing on over 60 years of nationwide experience, our HUD CPAs in the Denver, CO area can help you manage even the most trying situations.

Qualified, Talented & Trained HUD CPAs In Denver Area

Haynie & Company opened its doors back in 1960. Since then, we have spread to over a dozen branches and as many major cities nationwide. We have seen such growth precisely because we don’t seek to churn clients and hunt for profits around every corner. Instead, Haynie & Company’s achievements are built on longstanding relationships. Our HUD CPAs get to know you and your business (or government organization; Haynie & Company serves all levels of government). This knowledge pays off over time, every time.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development espouses the best aspects of our government and our economy. Though wonderful for all parties involved, HUD projects can involve an enormous amount of planning, organization, and red tape. Haynie & Company’s HUD CPAs work with all sorts of organizations across the Denver, Colorado area.

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Haynie & Company HUD CPAs Provide Every Service You Need

For one, Haynie & Company’s HUD CPAs offer far more than bookkeeping services. No two organizations possess the same assets and liabilities. Our standard of excellence begins with understanding the business or organization behind the balance sheet. It’s only because of this commitment that Haynie & Company’s HUD CPAs near Denver, Colorado are able to maximize ROI for any entity working on HUD projects; without it, other CPA firms simply can’t compete. We offer, for example, cost segregation studies, tax code consultation, tax credits and incentives, 1031 exchange, and much, much more.


Our HUD CPA’s most important service offerings, however, surround provisions for auditing. For businesses and government organizations, both preparing for and performing audits is crucial to the process. Haynie & Company’s audit services at our Littleton location include:


  • Preparation of audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements
  • 401(k) Audits
  • Custom Financial Statements including Budgets
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) audits


Secondly, our CPAs in Littleton, CO, and the Denver area help smooth out the often tedious elements of projects under HUD’s designation. How? Haynie & Company’s relationships with Littleton’s government and businesses lend facility and credibility to the process. With our HUD CPAs, you and your organization will be ten steps ahead of the competition.


For those of you who work with HUD projects, make sure to reach out to Haynie & Company’s offices near Denver. You won’t regret working with our HUD CPAs.

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The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development works on some of the most complicated and charged projects in the country. Keeping up with the books is enough of a challenge while also trying to run a business or government organization. That’s why it’s imperative that you work with one of our experienced HUD CPAs. Contact Haynie & Company’s offices in Littleton, CO, near Denver, today at (303) 734-4800 or through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.