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Back in 1960, when Haynie & Company first opened, nobody had ever heard of a nonprofit. Haynie & Company had been in business for ten years or so before there was such a thing—that is, a 501(c)3, which legally recognizes a business as a nonprofit in both function and for tax purposes. It was therefore only a matter of time before Haynie & Company’s owners and other stakeholders came across such an organization


Indeed, nonprofits are organized in a more complicated manner than your typical for-profit entity. In fact, the nonprofit CPAs at Haynie & Company’s branch here in Brownsville, TX, see your organization as something more than a different blueprint or tax code. Our CPAs see it, much as you might—as a way of doing business. Here at Haynie & Company’s offices in Brownsville, our nonprofit CPAs’ main goal is to reflect your character in the accounts across your organization.

Brownsville’s Most Knowledgeable Nonprofit CPAs

Each of Haynie & Company’s branches is a full-service accounting firm in and of itself—each branch, including ours in Brownsville, TX, is capable of performing any accounting service, across any type or form of business.


Most CPA firms are either broad or focused. Rarely do you find one like Haynie & Company, which blends a deep base of knowledge with individual specialties across our various teams. Our CPAs here in Brownsville can provide your nonprofit the following services, and much, much more:


  • Tax planning
  • Facilitation of internal control
  • 501(c)3 tax code consulting
  • Cash flow management
  • Payroll services
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Audit services
  • 403(c) retirement plans
  • Internal budgeting and financial analysis
  • Internal accounting assistance and consulting
  • Consulting and installation of QuickBooks
  • Accounting and financial statement preparation


Back in 1960, Haynie & Company began laying a foundation of knowledge and experience that would eventually span the Western United States with offices in over a dozen major U.S. cities. Our CPAs here in Brownsville have earned awards, praise, and honors for their work with businesses of all kinds. We hire only the most dedicated and qualified CPAs. When it comes to a 501(c)3, you need the best. So give us a call soon and get a free consultation regarding what we can do to help you save money today.

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Haynie & Company has been in business for longer than the nonprofit denomination has existed. Brownsville’s team of expert nonprofit CPAs understand the pertinent tax code like the backs of our hands. We know for a fact that no competing CPA firm in the Brownsville region can provide a comparable service. Contact Haynie & Company’s office in Brownsville today at 956-542-9196, or reach us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.