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Haynie & Company has been serving construction companies across the United States for over 60 years. Our success is due to the simplicity of our mission: maximize savings and cash flow for our clients. Looking at our strategies, you might think things are a little more complicated than that. Indeed, our construction CPAs are surgical with their pens, relying on the full depth and breadth of today’s prevailing tax code to generate those savings.


In the construction business, CPAs are confronted with immense challenges. Contrary to popular perception, more challenges often means greater opportunity. Different business types, complex employee classifications, and the labyrinth of tax implications provide Haynie & Company’s construction CPAs with countless opportunities to generate savings for your business. There are many ways to lay a brick—but only our construction CPAs here in Brownsville, TX will take the time to find the most cost-effective.


That’s because Haynie & Company’s CPAs don’t cut corners, glue things together, and stretch out time. Haynie & Company’s team here in Brownsville, TX sees in every client an opportunity for mutual prosperity. Maintaining your books and maximizing tax deductions are just a start with us. The moment you realize what we can do for your construction business is the moment that our lifelong partnership begins.

Expert Construction CPAs With Comprehensive Skill

Though few would’ve been able to predict it one year ago, the construction business is roaring. You can see it in housing prices and sales. Here at Haynie & Company, we witness these trends long before they manifest. For example, we looked at prices for commodities such as lumber and steel. But it’s the companies with the strongest balance sheets going into a downtrend that are most likely to thrive long term. And it’s exactly when business is good that companies feel less pressure from the books.


In boom times, many owners and managers allow complacency to settle upon the accounting department. They think, why waste time poring over the numbers when we could be focused on continuing to make them better? Haynie & Company’s construction CPAs have worked with businesses all over Brownsville in preparation for sustained growth and revenues.

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Our Construction CPAs See The Big Picture Through The Details

Here at Haynie & Company, we like to keep in mind that it’s not until the market downturn that folks start worrying about the details—and furthermore, it’s the company that does their due diligence which avoids the worst of the fallout. For example, construction businesses back in 2008 might’ve noticed that they were competing to pay 18-25% on construction loans. Not only that, but construction firms couldn’t find enough institutional investors to fund these loans—and so they started crowdfunding from people who put every penny they had available into these risky, high-interest loans.


Here at Haynie & Company’s office in Brownsville, we are always looking at both the big picture and the tiniest of relevant details. Whether it’s macro trends or obscure data relevant only to your little corner of the construction industry, our construction CPAs here in Brownsville, TX will locate and apply them to your benefit. Whether calling upon our network to better understand today’s supply chain bottlenecks, or locating the proper tax code language for an important deduction, Haynie & Company has built a nationwide reputation on being able to get these things done.

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The construction business is as busy as can be. But don’t be fooled: now is not the time to ignore your finances and accounts. When the boom times end, the companies with the strongest balance sheets will survive; and Haynie & Company’s construction CPAs will make sure that you’re one of those companies. So give us a call today for a free consultation at 956-542-9196.