Brownsville’s Best Financial Planning CPAs

Haynie & Company culture expects each of our specialized CPA teams to add maximum value to client businesses and individuals. But few matters of accounting require the skill and sangfroid of financial planning. Haynie & Company’s Brownsville office boasts top-performing financial planning CPAs in the area.


Haynie & Company’s team of financial planning CPAs in Brownsville have garnered praise and awards over the years for their consistent show of wealth creation and management. The complexity that goes into diligent financial planning requires enough of CPAs. It’s possible, however, that Haynie & Company’s ability to maintain calm and order during moments of economic or personal crisis is what truly separates us from competing CPA firms.

Financial Planning Tailored To Your Needs

The foundation of our financial planning strategy consists of each of the most important services. Haynie & Company’s CPAs here in Brownsville cover areas such as:


  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Plan Distributions
  • Charitable Giving
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Harvesting
  • Accounting Systems Planning
  • Tax-Deferred Accounts
  • Trusts & Wills


These are but a fraction of the general services we offer clients. Put simply, whatever your problem, challenge, or requirement, Haynie & Company can provide creative efficient solutions. More importantly, however, Hayne & Company’s strategy rests upon customizing our services.


Unlike most CPA firms, Haynie & Company’s financial planning CPAs carry neither preconceived notions about your financial affairs nor wish to force patchwork solutions upon clients in order to churn out more invoices. We treat you as if your portfolio were ours.

Haynie & Company’s CPAs Take Responsibility For Your Money in Brownsville

Other accounting firms use regulations as a means of shirking responsibility for your financial plan. For example, as financial planning CPAs, we can’t provide direct investment advice unless members of our team carry the proper certifications. Firstly, many members of our team do carry extracurricular certifications. Still, according to law, each of our financial planning CPAs can provide insights on, for example, how to allocate your capital according to age, or how to set up tax-deferred accounts. Haynie & Company’s Brownsville team addresses these issues head-on so that you have a knowledgeable, experienced, and composed professional in your corner when challenges arise.


In keeping with Haynie & Company culture, our financial planning CPAs will do everything in their power to provide effective solutions. Limiting your annual tax obligation, setting up a Roth IRA, coordinating and managing your estate—regardless of your individual need, our team of expert CPAs here in Brownsville ensure that it is met in excess of your satisfaction.


In the end, our job is to manage your money and assets with an eye toward the future. The results speak for themselves: nearly all the clients who sign on with us, stay on with us. We understand markets. We know risk management. We have the experience and mental fortitude to help clients manage expectations during highs and remember that the lows are only temporary. Moreover, we have shown the results time and again, as clients continue reaching their golden years having exceeded their financial goals. Only Haynie & Company’s team of financial planning CPAs here in Brownsville can set you up for that level of success.

Contact Haynie & Company and Bring Your Accounting Into the Future in Brownsville

Whether you’ve spent your whole life building your net worth or you’re looking for help in deciding how to set up your first retirement account, Haynie & Company’s financial planning CPAs here in Brownsville can meet—and more likely exceed—your needs. Regardless of your personal requirements, we possess the solutions you need to execute your vision. Contact our team in Brownsville, Texas, today at (956) 542-9196 or through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.