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Many neighborhoods or condominiums have associations that oversee finances and activities. These are called common interest realty associations (CIRA). Homeowner associations and condominium associations fall under the umbrella of CIRAs. Haynie & Company has worked with CIRAs across the greater Brownsville, TX area. Our expert CIRA CPAs help residential communities of all kinds maximize their finances to keep their neighborhoods and complexes clean, safe, and friendly.


While it may seem easy to run a homeowner association, there are many unforeseen challenges. The directors and board members are everyday people with jobs and families. Incurring and collecting taxes, voting on charter rules, and creating budgets require a great deal of time and care. Our CPAs have helped clients all over Brownsville optimize their relationship between finances and association duties. In the end, we aim to provide the best experience for the residents under your jurisdiction.


Haynie & Company’s CIRA CPAs ensure that your homeowner or condominium association takes care of every dollar moving in and out of the neighborhood coffers. With our expert CPAs at your side, your association will be able to attend to the business of running the association without spending undue time away from your daily responsibilities. As Brownsville’s best CPA firm, Haynie & Company has served dozens of homeowner and condo associations to utmost satisfaction.

Brownsville’s Most Hardworking & Dedicated CIRA CPAs

Haynie & Company thinks differently, starting with our focus on clients. Most CPA firms focus first and foremost on maximizing their short-term bottom line. To do so, CPA firms must provide rapid service. The sooner a CPA firm can finish their work, the sooner they can get paid, and move on to the next client. Haynie & Company thinks long-term. That is, the longer we get to work with you, the better our working relationship will become.


Here at Haynie & Company’s office in Brownsville, TX, our CPAs’ number one goal is to maximize your time, savings, and quality of your financial position. As a member of your homeowner or condo association, you shouldn’t work with any CPA firm whose costs outweigh these benefits. With over 60 years of experience to draw from, our CPAs are more than confident in their ability to do so. More importantly, however, our team of CIRA CPAs here in Brownsville know that they will work harder and with greater dedication than any competing firm.

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More Than 60 Years Of Knowledge & Experience

Haynie & Company first opened its doors all the way back in 1960. Our firm has been in existence longer than the nonprofit designation. Meaning, our CPAs have seen practically everything. Our newer teammates, which include specialists from niche industries, get to extract from this tremendous archive of wisdom. Few CPA firms outside Haynie & Company can boast of such knowledge and experience—fewer still possess CPAs specialized in CIRA accounting, for homeowner and condominium associations. It’s for this reason that Haynie & Company has grown to over a dozen major cities across the country, like San Antonio, Salt Lake City, and of course right here in Brownsville, TX.


We don’t bring this up for any old reason. Past our knowledge and experience lies our deep network of this country’s best CPAs. Haynie & Company’s branches are in constant communication with one another, developing new ideas, poring over changes in tax code, or preparing strategies for new and existing clients alike. Our CIRA CPAs meet the challenges of each and every homeowner and condominium association with the same level of enthusiasm and determination.

Give Your Realty Association The Respect It Deserves

Homeowner associations function much like governments and corporate businesses. There are procedures, rules and regulations, taxes, and budgets. Like any great democracy, CIRAs must deal with transfers of power, sometimes from developers to residents. No state or corporation would entrust every task to the same group of people.


Haynie & Company’s team of CIRA CPAs here in Brownsville understand that your neighborhood is counting on you. Give your community the respect it deserves by giving us a call here at Haynie & Company. We’ll show you just what our CPAs can do to keep your homeowner association thriving regardless of the circumstances. As Brownsville’s best CPA firm, we promise to put your interests first so that our working relationship will last.

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As a member of your common interest realty association, you have a lot on your plate each and every day. It’s tough to manage not only your family, but the families of every household or condominium in the neighborhood. Haynie & Company’s CIRA CPAs aren’t just here to make the job easier on you. Our team here in Brownsville pledges to maximize your savings so that families across the community get the most out of their resources. So give Haynie & Company a call today for a free consultation at 956-542-9196.