Dallas R&D Tax Credits: Do You Qualify?

Is your Dallas business pushing the boundaries of innovation? Research and development (R&D) is crucial for growth, but it can also put a strain on your budget. Here’s the good news: the government rewards R&D efforts with tax credits! These credits can significantly reduce your tax burden, putting more money back into your business for continued innovation.


At Haynie & Company, we help Dallas businesses maximize their benefit from this program. Our team streamlines the entire process, from identifying qualifying expenses to filing your claim. Our in-depth knowledge ensures you capture every eligible credit, boosting your return. Contact us today and let us help you discover hidden cash in your R&D efforts.

Who Qualifies for R&D Tax Credits?

You may have heard that R&D tax credits are only reserved for groundbreaking discoveries; however, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thanks to the PATH Act of 2015, these credits are accessible to a wide range of businesses, including yours! This program empowers small businesses across various industries to reduce their tax burden and fuel further innovation in their respective fields.

Qualifying for R&D tax credits involves research activities aimed at creating new or improved products, processes, or software, and these activities must meet a four-part test:


1. Developing Something New or Improved: Your focus is on innovation, not simply routine operations.


2. Experimentation and Evaluation: You’re actively testing and refining solutions.


3. Scientific Foundation: Your activities rely on scientific principles, not guesswork.


4. Resolving Uncertainty: The research aims to eliminate unknowns and improve outcomes.


Skipping hard science research doesn’t disqualify you, but proper documentation is crucial to avoid IRS scrutiny. Haynie & Company recommends in-depth record-keeping, including R&D expense details, payroll information, project reports, designs, and proof of your R&D process.

What Expenses Qualify for an R&D Tax Credit?

Understanding R&D tax credits is just the first step. Now, let’s dive into what fuels these valuable deductions, i.e., qualified research expenses. Here’s where your investment in innovation pays off:


  • Wages: Compensate employees directly involved in R&D activities.
  • Supplies: Cover the cost of materials used during the research process.
  • Contractors: Include payments to outside experts assisting your R&D efforts.
  • Patent costs: Shield the expenses associated with securing intellectual property for your innovation.
  • Computer costs & software development: Factor in the resources dedicated to developing or utilizing specialized software for your R&D projects.


Note: As of 2022, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act requires amortizing R&D costs over five years instead of an immediate deduction. However, claiming the R&D tax credit can significantly offset this extended expense cycle.

Reap the Rewards of Innovation

How You Benefit from Research & Development Tax Credits

Claiming R&D tax credits goes far beyond simple tax savings. It’s a strategic investment that fuels your business growth. Here’s how:

Increased Cash Flow

R&D tax credits act like a direct financial injection. They either increase your tax refund or reduce your tax liability, freeing up valuable cash. This empowers you to reinvest in critical areas, such as marketing. Product development, or even hiring top talent.

Boost Your Bottom Line

By reducing your taxable income, R&D tax credits directly translate to increased earnings per share (EPS). This metric, a key indicator of financial performance, becomes more attractive to investors, potentially boosting your company’s value.

Go Beyond the Numbers

The impact transcends financials as claiming this tax credit showcases your commitment to innovation, a powerful magnet for attracting new investors and customers who value cutting-edge solutions.

Foster Employee Morale

Being part of a company that prioritizes innovation is a source of pride for employees. R&D tax credits serve as a tangible reminder of your company’s commitment to progress, fostering a more motivated and engaged workforce.

Partner with Haynie & Company for R&D Tax Credits Service


Haynie & Company has extensive knowledge and expertise in calculating R&D tax credits for businesses of all sizes in Dallas, Texas, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to save you money. We’ll work with you to calculate this federal tax credit, conducting a thorough analysis of your research expenditures and your organization’s vital documentation so that you can receive the most benefits. Contact us today to see if your business qualifies for tax credit services for R&D.

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