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Better Business Consulting in Dallas, TX

For over 60 years, Haynie & Company has provided efficient and effective CPA services to companies and government entities small and large. Our branch in Texas is no different, providing clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area with top quality service. Not many CPA firms have more than six decades of knowledge and experience under their belt. Even fewer offer business consulting services, from the perspective of a professional CPA, tailored specifically to your business goals.


As a nationwide accounting company with firm roots in Dallas, TX, Haynie & Company’s network of the most talented CPAs in the country can revolutionize your business with advanced insights and actionable strategies.

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Haynie & Company’s Specialized Business Consulting CPAs

At Haynie & Company, we like to tell our clients that we don’t specialize in anything—we specialize in everything to help our clients achieve their goals. Each of our Certified Public Accountants in Dallas hew to this sentiment in one way or another. Our business consulting team balances our vast resources with a tailored approach that few, if any, other CPA firms can provide for companies in the Texas area and beyond.


Our business consulting CPAs come from a range of backgrounds, from business taxes to services. They may hold a broad perspective of business accounting or degrees focused on specific financial strategies and operations. Regardless, as a unit, they are specially trained to work with businesses here in Dallas to produce creative solutions and innovative strategies.

Business Consulting Tailored to Dallas-Based Businesses

We have helped manufacturing companies keep up with supply chain backlogs that have only worsened until onboarding our teams. We have also worked with local bar owners and restaurateurs who have struggled with the ebb and flow of customers due to constantly changing pandemic protocols.


Haynie & Company’s team of business consulting CPAs in Dallas can assist any business, whether with business taxes or industry consulting, because we bring six decades of experience with all manner of businesses and a nationwide network of experienced professional CPAs.


Furthermore, Haynie & Company’s business consulting CPAs offer Dallas-based businesses a vast array of services, including but not limited to:


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For businesses in the Dallas metro area, 2022 offers a unique set of challenges. At Haynie & Company, new challenges only work to reinvigorate our passion for business consulting services. Our team of professional business consulting CPAs strive to bring the most creative services on a daily basis so you can forge ahead with confidence.


Contact Haynie & Company in Dallas today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our best business consultants, advisors, or CPAs. No other CPA firm provides better services for small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and even corporate bodies.