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Get a free consultation & navigate the audit process with confidence. 


At Haynie & Company, affordable housing isn’t just a vision, it’s a blueprint we’ve been crafting since 1960. We’re not suit-clad consultants, we’re dream architects, empowering individuals, families, and developers to navigate the HUD/LIHTC landscape and unlock their housing potential. 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer yearning for a place to call your own, a developer envisioning a vibrant community, or a property owner dedicated to providing affordable housing, let our licensed and certified HUD/LIHTC audit CPAs be your guide. Contact us to learn more about our services and request your free consultation today.

Navigate HUD/LIHTC Audit CPA Services with Confidence

Forget regulatory red tape—unlock affordable housing success with Haynie & Company. Our laser-focused HUD/LIHTC CPAs are your clarity compass, helping you navigate the intricate maze of program requirements and dissecting your finances with precision. With our comprehensive suite of services, you can sleep soundly knowing your investment thrives under our watchful eye.

Tax Planning and Preparation

To ensure your tax benefits are maximized, our HUD/LIHTC audit CPAs will provide strategic guidance and insight, handling all aspects of tax planning and preparation. This ensures you have peace of mind knowing you comply with program requirements and your tax liability is minimized. 


Cost Certificate Audits

We dissect project costs, verify eligibility, and ensure program compliance with laser focus. This rigorous examination safeguards your project’s integrity, leaving you confident and your community empowered. 


Compliance Management

Ditch the compliance dread and embrace regulatory peace with Haynie & Company’s comprehensive compliance management service. We always stay ahead of the HUD/LIHTC curve, delivering timely updates and helping your property weather the storms of regulatory change. 


HUD Consulting

Simplify HUD complexities with Haynie & Company’s experienced HUD/LIHTC audit CPA consultants. We’ll help you understand regulation and compliance with accuracy, mitigating risks and propelling your affordable housing vision to success. 


Additional HUD/LIHTC Audit Services

  • Annual HUD Audits
  • Financial Statements in Accordance with HUD & REAC Requirements
  • Audit Services for Subsidized USDA Projects
  • Accounting Services & HUD Reporting
  • Closing Assistance
  • Resolution of Audit & Compliance Findings Assistance
  • Annual Audits of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Projects
  • Form 990 Preparation (NFPs)
  • REAC Submission
  • Tax Credit Compliance

Haynie & Company: Dallas’ Premier Choice for HUD/LIHTC Audits

Local Expertise

Forget generic advice—Our CPAs are Dallas-born-and-bred experts in the affordable housing landscape and understand the unique nuances of the market. 


Trusted Track Record

We have a successful track record of serving affordable housing projects throughout Dallas, TX, ensuring they achieve compliance, minimize risks, and maximize their impact.  


Steadfast Client Service

Our team is committed to providing exceptional client service and exceeding expectations throughout the audit process. With us at the helm, you will always receive personalized attention and ongoing support throughout your project. 


Unparalleled Resources

We have the resources, expertise, and capacity to handle audits of all sizes to ensure an accurate and thorough review of your financial records.

HUD/LIHTC Audit CPA Near Dallas, TX: Let’s Build a Brighter Tomorrow Together

Don’t just build affordable housing—build a brighter future. Let Haynie & Company be your trusted partner in creating housing that empowers, not just shelters. We’ll crack the HUD/LIHTC code together, turning Dallas into a community where everyone has a chance to thrive. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and let’s build a brighter tomorrow, together.

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