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Real estate is one of the oldest and widest industries around today. From discovering plowable land to flipping houses, real estate has transformed over the centuries. For more than six decades, the Haynie & Company CPA firm has been at the forefront of the real estate industry. In particular, our real estate development CPAs have worked with countless companies, small businesses, and individuals in and around the Salt Lake City region.


Real estate development requires vision, focus, and discipline. One must see a large plot of dirt, grass, and pebbles as the foundation of beautiful neighborhoods, condominiums, and shopping centers. Haynie & Company was built on these imaginative principles mentioned above. Furthermore, our real estate development CPAs come from a wide variety of backgrounds throughout the development industry.


We provide an array of services, including:


  • Real Estate Accounting Services
  • Real Estate Tax Preparation
  • Property Tax Planning/Compliance
  • Audit Support
  • Business Consulting
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Forensics


Hiring our team of expert CPAs in Salt Lake City will ensure that you and your business surge past accounting challenges as your projects progress and come to life. With a qualified CPA on your side to provide advice for business decisions and real estate investments, you can make your money work for you.


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How Can We Help You?


Haynie & Company first opened its doors back in 1960, so our CPAs draw from over six decades of knowledge and experience. More importantly, over this time period, our real estate development CPAs witnessed the industry’s sea changes—the evolution of development’s tax code and property tax laws, loan terms and structures, cost projections and budgeting, and much more.


Haynie & Company has also grown on a nationwide basis. We now have over a dozen branches across the country, each staffed with the most talented, intelligent, and experienced CPAs in the business. Haynie & Company’s team here in Salt Lake City, Utah draws energy, wisdom, and ideas from each of the other dozen branches. This means that when you decide to work with Haynie & Company’s real estate development team, you get access to a nationwide network of world-renowned certified personal accountants.


Evidence of Haynie & Company’s success is suffused across our countless satisfied clients. We retain long-term relationships precisely because of our ability to add more value—far more value—to development businesses than they pay for our CPA partnerships. In addition, our knowledgeable CPAs have earned accolades and accreditations from some of the most prestigious accounting associations and platforms, including:



Does tax season stress you out? When you have to consider managing your home, rentals, and other investment properties, filing tax returns can get complicated — and fast.


Real estate taxes are different depending on which state the land is in. Luckily, with the help of a quality CPA firm specializing in real estate accounting, you’ll be able to streamline the process and meet all tax obligations. Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs empower you to develop tax strategies and stay on top of your finances. Our comprehensive tax services help real estate investors across the country understand tax benefits and tax liability for their rental properties and answer other key questions. Put simply, our real estate accounting services help you see the big picture and make the most of your investments!

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Many CPA firms claim to understand or specialize in real estate, but the vast majority do little more than superimpose the same formula they use for any other client, regardless of industry or sector. Here at Haynie & Company, our real estate development CPAs understand the full spectrum of accounting services required within the development business. Our branch here in Salt Lake City has achieved overwhelming success across a boundless range of development businesses and their myriad needs. Our real estate development CPAs have performed audit services and compliance, tax strategy, structure, financial planning, cost segregation analysis, 1031 exchange, and much, much more. Moreover, our CPAs understand the depths and nuances of accounting practices for businesses operating in real estate development.


The take-home message is this: you and your business can count on our Salt Lake City branch to perform any task, at any time, and it will be completed to your satisfaction. Don’t leave your accounting up to an automated software or inexperienced clerk; you will only be leaving money on the table. Trust a skilled accountant.


Contact Haynie & Company’s real estate development CPAs here in Salt Lake City today, and ensure that you maximize every inch of the tax code, protect every dollar earned, and justify every line item on your books.

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Do you own or manage a real estate development business? Do you run a business that operates within the rental property, construction, or development industry? Without the tax advice and guidance of an experienced real estate CPA, you could be leaving an enormous amount of money on the table.


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