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Many people know of financial forensics through the media’s spotlight on hackers and ransomware. Haynie & Company’s team in Salt Lake City has worked on many such projects. From fintech startups plagued by hackers to a single multimillion-dollar ransomware attack on the automation programs of large manufacturing companies, Haynie & Company’s specialized CPAs boast a track record of executing some of the toughest cases of financial fraud, theft, and prevention.


But financial forensics is much more than tracking hackers. For quite some time now, Haynie & Company has been building a team of specialized financial forensics CPAs right here in Salt Lake City. With the rise of widespread hacking, businesses and even homes around the world have focused on network security. But what happens when you’ve already been hacked? On the other hand, money goes missing for many other reasons. What happens when shady expenditures start showing up on your books for no apparent reason? That’s what Haynie & Company’s financial forensics CPAs in Salt Lake City are for.


Haynie & Company’s nationwide CPA presence provides us an opportunity to specialize without sacrificing our service range. We onboard only the most knowledgeable and experienced financial forensics experts from a depth and breadth of industry backgrounds.

How Can We Help You?

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Haynie & Company’s Financial Forensics Resume

Financial forensics goes past hacking and other criminal behavior. That’s why Haynie & Company’s team here in Salt Lake City serves the entire range of needs related to financial forensics. Our financial forensics CPAs provide the following services, and much more:


  • Financial Investigations
  • Analysis Of Records
  • Fraud Detection
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Internal Control System Implementation
  • Control System Monitoring
  • Anti Fraud System Implementation

Furthermore, Haynie & Company serves a wide variety of industries and sectors and an equally diverse range of forensics problems. For example, many litigatory matters require financial forensics. Our specialized CPAs offer expert testimony for cases, depositions, and settlement talks in Salt Lake City and abroad. Issues such as wrongful termination, economic damages, divorce proceedings, and shareholder disputes require quality financial forensics CPAs to ensure that all the money has been accounted for and properly allocated.


Haynie & Company has worked with businesses of all kinds, all over Salt Lake City and its greater area. Many would be surprised by how many disputes can be solved by a skilled financial forensics team. Whether the case calls for properly assigning assets to inheritors or digging through the rubble following explosive corporate fraud, finding and following the paper trail is crucial to the integrity of your business and personal affairs. And more than ensuring the proper outcomes, our financial forensics CPAs offer clients closure.


Haynie & Company: Partnering With Your Forensics Company

Here at Haynie & Company’s office in Salt Lake City, our CPAs know firsthand that many financial companies—including CPA firms themselves—believe it to be a blemish on their record to outsource their accounting needs. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s no different than a contractor finding it wrong to subcontract specific requirements. The same goes for financial forensics businesses requiring specialized CPA services.


Financial forensics companies in Salt Lake City work with Haynie & Company for countless reasons. Our CPAs can help your team sift through huge caches of documentation. We have also helped many financial forensics businesses configure deeply intricate paper or digital trails, receipts, and customized accounting programs or encrypted material. Regardless of your needs, Haynie & Company’s team of financial forensics CPAs in Salt Lake City can help you get the job done right.


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It isn’t just the rise of hacking and malware that calls for a top CPA firm. Any dispute you can imagine calls for a crack financial forensics team. Haynie & Company’s financial forensics CPAs in Salt Lake City have worked with companies of all kinds and across all industries and sectors. Our specialized team offers you and your business the closure you need to move on through a crystal-clear understanding of what happened and, most importantly, justice. Visit us online or give us a call today for a free consultation at 801-972-4800.