Haynie Gives: Thanksgiving Dinner

Haynie Gives: Thanksgiving Dinner

On Thanksgiving, our Odessa, Texas office helped sponsor Thanksgiving Dinners. We partnered with Odessa restaurant Curbside Bistro to serve over 1,600 free meals on Thanksgiving day. At Haynie & Company we believe making our communities a better place to live and work is very important. 

Curbside Bistro

“This is my community, I and my wife and my whole family were born and raised here. I see everyone as my neighbor, it’s just helping out one another and that’s what we’re here to do and that’s what God put us here to do. So I don’t see it as like oh we have to go help these people out or we have to do this I see it as no we get a chance to be able to help them out” said Alejandro Barrientos, Co-Owner and Chef of Curbside Bistro.

About Haynie & Company Midland Odessa

Haynie & Company has a location in Odessa, Texas and a satellite office in Midland, Texas. Partners Joe Torres, CPA and Monica Corey, CPA lead these offices. With nearly 20 professionals, they focus heavily on serving Small Businesses with a wide variety of Tax, Audit, and Accounting services. Most of the team is bilingual, speaking Spanish or Mandarin. Since 1995, the Midland Odessa offices have built a culture of family, trust, growth, service, and communication. We are here to build relationships and exceed expectations. It is a great place to work. The positive energy and family environment result in satisfied clients.