QuickBooks 2022 Subscription Pricing 

QuickBooks 2022 Subscription Pricing 

Authored by Haynie & Company Partner Hal Rosen, CPA, Top 100 ProAdvisor

QuickBooks 2022 Pro and Premier Adopt Subscription Pricing 

Intuit introduced their latest version of QuickBooks Pro and Premier 2022 versions in October 2021, and it is only being sold on a subscription price agreement. You will not be able to purchase it as a “one-time” product purchase that can be used forever (subject to restrictions after the product is retired).

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 temporarily available for a “one-time” purchase

However, there is an exception to this if you act by December 6, 2021. You can purchase QuickBooks 2021, Pro or Premier, through an Intuit Qualified Solutions Provider (QSP). Haynie & Company is a QSP through our association with a Qualified QSP. We can offer this to any of our clients, but we must have your order by December 6, 2021, to beat the deadline. This is the final version that does not require a subscription agreement. 

Like past versions, features such as Tech Support, Payroll, and Bank Feeds will expire in May 2024. If you do not need the restricted features, you can continue to use the product after that date. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, you must act by Dec. 6, 2021.

If you renewed your 2021 upgrade through Intuit, you agreed to the subscription pricing. Those that renewed through Haynie & Company, or another QSP, purchased the “one-time” product. We were not aware that this was happening until this fall; although, we’ve suspected that it would happen in the next few years because this is the strategy that most software is adopting.

Is there an advantage to the Subscription 2022 version of QuickBooks Desktop?

If you are a heavy user of QuickBooks Desktop, there is a real advantage to the Subscription Pricing. The new versions will be called Pro Plus and Premier Plus. They will have free maintenance releases during the year, just like QuickBooks has always enjoyed. However, they will also have upgrades during the year as the next year’s features of QuickBooks become available. Other advantages include – unlimited Tech Support and data recovery with the subscription pricing at no additional charge, up to 38% faster internal processing through 64-bit computing power, which means the 2022 product will not run on 32-bit processing computers, along with other upgrades that are part of QuickBooks 2022.

It will also be an advantage for us, your accountants since we will no longer need to ask which version you are using. Together, we will always be using the latest version. Those that use QuickBooks Enterprise Version have had the subscription model for the last 3-4 years, along with the upgrades taking place during the year, rather than each fall when the new version is introduced.

QuickBooks Pro 2021 Pricing and QuickBooks MAC 2021

(sales tax added to the retail price)
QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 –  1 User – Download$399.99
QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 –  2 User – Download$649.99
QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 –  3 User – Download$899.99


QuickBooks Desktop Premier Pricing

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 – 1 User – Download$649.99
QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 – 2 User – Download$999.99
QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 – 3 User – Download$1,399.99
QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 – 4 User – Download$1,749.99
QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021 – 5 User – Download$2,099.99


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