Haynie & Company Phoenix CPA Firm FAQ

As one of the largest accounting firms in Phoenix and the Mountain Region, Haynie & Company’s team of certified public accountants, investment advisers, and fund auditors helps you manage your money in smart and strategic ways. If you’re looking for a CPA firm near you or you’ve decided your business needs a helping hand with tax preparation or other accounting services, we have the answers you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phoenix CPAs

Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions we hear during our operations. To speak with experienced CPAs, contact Haynie & Company today. We are expertly trained, accomplished, and capable of delivering accounting services uniquely tailored to you and your business.


How Much Does A CPA Cost?


CPAs generally charge an hourly rate for their services. The exact amount varies depending on the level of experience of the CPA and the complexity of the work they are undertaking. Since they perform a wide range of services, the cost of a CPA depends on what specific services you need. For example, some businesses are looking to outsource their entire accounting department, while others just need an extra pair of eyes during tax season. Call our Phoenix accounting firm at (602) 306-4800 to speak directly with a local Phoenix CPA.


What Does A CPA Do?


A certified public accountant in Phoenix performs a variety of services ranging from general bookkeeping and tax preparation to business consulting and audit and assurance.
At Haynie & Company Phoenix CPA firm, we offer the following services:


What’s The Difference Between A CPA and An Accountant?


Some clients who come to us need clarification on the accountant vs. CPA meaning. Think of it this way: all CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. The designation of CPA means a person is a certified public accountant who has passed a CPA license exam and met other specific education/licensing requirements in the state in which they practice. Thus, when it comes to performing advanced accounting duties and complying with IRS regulations, a CPA is more qualified than an accountant. In addition, only a CPA can prepare an audited financial statement and file reports with the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC).


What Industries Does the Haynie & Company CPA Firm Serve?


We have the knowledge and resources to represent clients and empower large and small businesses from a wide range of industries.
Our CPAs in Phoenix, AZ have close experience with the following industries:



No matter what industry you’re in, we encourage you to reach out and find out how Haynie & Company can manage cash flow and maximize growth potential. Use the contact form below to get started!


What CPA Certifications or Licenses Do Haynie’s Accountants Have?


Haynie & Company is powered by a reliable team of CPAs and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs). Many of our professionals are members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) as well as their local state societies.


How Does Haynie Help with Business Taxes and Tax Codes?


At Haynie & Company, we’re committed to ongoing education and transparency. We closely monitor plans from Congress and are available all year round to discuss your taxes.

We know it’s stressful, but tax planning should be done like clockwork every year for businesses and individuals. A small mistake could turn into financial ruin. Fortunately, our team is always here to guide you through the complexities of tax code. In addition to complying with all necessary tax laws and regulations, we ensure you’re able to take advantage of tax planning strategies, uncover opportunities to save money, and meet your goals.


Where Can I Find Up-To-Date Tax and IRS News and Other Finance Tips?


For the latest tax guide and info on financial trends, visit Haynie’s News & Events page. Our qualified experts regularly report on and provide guidance for a wide range of financial and tax topics critical to your business.


Is Haynie & Company Hiring?


Haynie & Company is rapidly expanding, and we need talented individuals to join our team. Since our start in 1960, we’ve grown from a single office to multiple locations with hundreds of dedicated employees across the United States.


To see current openings, please visit our Careers page.


Does Haynie & Company Offer Accounting Student Internships?


Yes! Every Haynie & Company location has various needs for tax and audit interns. We also hold accounting student events throughout the year. To learn more about student events and internship opportunities, please visit our Accounting Students page.


What Sets Haynie & Company Apart from Other CPA Firms?


Our firm is dedicated to exceeding expectations, communicating clearly, and delivering superior results to every one of our treasured clients. Since our start in 1960, we’ve gained experience with a wide variety of private businesses, public businesses, not-for-profit entities, and even government agencies. We take an objective approach that focuses on constructive suggestions to help you develop practical skills in money management. In addition to being a BBB A+ Accredited Business and listed among Forbes America’s Best Tax and Accounting Firms, we have been recognized as one of the Top Companies to Work For in Arizona in 2021 and 2022 as well as 2022 Top Workplaces from AZ Central.

Contact Haynie & Company to Experience the Best Small Business Accounting in Phoenix

Poor financial planning can thwart the growth of your small business. At Haynie & Company, we are committed to being the skilled small business CPA Phoenix, AZ residents deserve to have on their side. Our diverse accounting, tax preparation, auditioning, and consulting services let you gain exclusive insights, establish good habits, and take charge of your financial future.


To speak with a certified public accountant near you and schedule a consultation with a Phoenix, AZ CPA, call (602) 306-4800 or contact us online now.