Phoenix Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation CPA Experts in Phoenix

Since 1960, Haynie & Company has provided expert CPA services to businesses across the entire nation. We have served nearly a dozen major cities, won several awards, and earned countless accreditations for the quality of our services.


Our expert CPAs in Phoenix played a big role in helping the firm achieve such excellence; our team in Phoenix committed itself to a holistic and detailed understanding of all accounting services. In doing so, we learned that, while general bookkeeping is the backbone of any business, more unique accounting services can be just as essential to individual companies. One of these highly specialized yet equally important services is the cost segregation study.


How does a cost segregation study work? In short, every year, your business can deduct depreciation of property assets from annual tax filings. Commercial real estate, for example, tends to depreciate over the course of 39 years. However, cost segregation studies leverage the tax code to shorten a property’s depreciation period, allowing your business to deduct much more over a short period. In doing so, Haynie & Company’s Phoenix CPAs and specialists can provide your business with greater tax savings and cash flows, increasing efficiency productivity.

Individually Curated Cost Segregation Analysis in Phoenix, AZ

At Haynie & Company, our professional CPAs avoid cookie-cutter cost segregation studies. Many firms whip up an assembly line of clients that can be pumped out as fast as possible. Our team of CPAs in Phoenix, on the other hand, takes each client business on an individual basis, offering curated cost segregation studies.


No cost segregation analysis would be complete without our individualized approach. It’s the details that help our knowledgeable CPAs in Phoenix decide how best to shorten a property’s depreciation timeline. On top of our cost segregation analysis, Haynie & Company’s CPAs will:


  • Assess property taxes
  • Accelerate depreciation on previously misclassified assets (such as any other properties)
  • Provide safeguards that stand the test of IRS review

Haynie & Company can help any company with property assets

Cost segregation analysis applies to any company with property assets. Haynie & Company has worked with businesses of all sizes and shapes in Phoenix, Arizona, from packaging companies with burgeoning factories to food chains with booming location growth. Our CPAs in Phoenix can help any business with property assets utilize the power of cost segregation studies.


Haynie & Company’s cost segregation studies have helped countless businesses achieve two of the essential goals for any growing company: increased savings and earnings growth. Aside from Haynie & Company in Phoenix, no accounting firm can provide a cost segregation study with such enormous benefits.

Contact Haynie & Company’s team in Phoenix for a cost segregation study

Many businesses with real estate assets don’t realize that they could be saving a great deal of money by utilizing the cost segregation study. Contact Haynie & Company in Phoenix, Arizona, today and schedule your cost segregation consultation so you can get the most out of your company’s real estate. Call us at 602-306-4800, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.