Haynie Gives: Holiday Tree Auction Phoenix

Haynie Gives: Holiday Tree Auction Phoenix

The Haynie & Company Phoenix Office is proud to support the company wide Holiday Tree Auction, with a decorated tree of their own.

Managing Partner, Dave Peterson and his family have been actively involved in the annual Utah Festival of Trees. Unfortunately, the event changed this year due to COVID-19. This gave Dave the idea to start the Haynie Gives: Holiday Tree Auction. Our Corporate Headquarters is leading the way with this event. However, our smaller offices like Phoenix are also joining in on the fun. VIEW THE TREES

The online auction of trees goes live at 8 am on November 30 and closes at 8 pm on December 4. The Phoenix team created a Polar Winter Wonderland tree for the auction. This tree transports you to a winter wonderland while still beaming of elegance. In addition to the 7.5 ft decorated Christmas tree, there is an adorable 1.5 ft Polar Bear.

The proceeds for the Phoenix tree will donated to Saving Amy.

Saving Amy was funded with a mission to empower individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness by transforming lives through mentoring, teaching like skills, educational advancement, and financial stability through employment. Amy’s story is the reason the organization was founded which demonstrates the impact that community can have on changing lives and ending the cycle of homelessness.

The Phoenix Office is thrilled to support the local community and dive into the holiday spirit. For more information please contact our Phoenix Office.