Haynie Gives: Holiday Tree Auction Brownsville

Haynie Gives: Holiday Tree Auction Brownsville

The Haynie & Company Brownsville Office is proud to support the company wide Holiday Tree Auction, with two trees of their own.

Managing Partner, Dave Peterson and his family have been actively involved in the annual Utah Festival of Trees. Unfortunately, the event changed this year due to COVID-19. This gave Dave the idea to start the Haynie Gives: Holiday Tree Auction. Our Corporate Headquarters is leading the way with this event. However, our smaller offices like Brownsville are also joining in on the fun.

Brownsville will auction two trees that represent their local area. Brownsville is a city located “On the Border, By the Sea”.  Their “On the Border” tree symbolizes the union with our border city Matamoros, Mexico in which we share their rich culture such as the Fiestas Mexicanas. On the other hand, the “By the Sea” tree shows our deep appreciation for our proximity to South Padre Island where we enjoy the beauty of a tropical beach.

The online auction goes live at 8 am on November 30 and closes at 8 pm on December 4. We will donate proceeds from the Brownsville trees to The Tip of Texas Family Outreach. Following the auction, we will deliver trees up to a 50-mile radius on December 5th and 6th. VIEW THE TREES


The Tip of Texas Family Outreach is a non-profit established over 30 years ago. They strive to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect by providing supportive services, information and referrals. Family Outreach opened its doors to the public in March 1989. They provide confidential services to families in the City of Brownsville and surrounding communities ever since.


The Brownsville Office is thrilled to support the local community and dive into the holiday spirit. For more information please contact our Brownsville Office.