Top Workplaces USA Culture Awards

Top Workplaces USA Culture Awards

Haynie & Company earned the 2021 Top Workplaces USA award in January. Since then, we earned Top Workplaces Culture Awards in the following categories: Appreciation, Values, and Empowering Employees.

The culture awards mean so much to us because it’s based on feedback from our people! We are located in 15 different cities and 6 different states. These awards recognize our organization’s culture as a whole. We are so proud of our employees and the culture they are creating.

Survey results are confidential. However, we can share a few of our team’s anonymous comments. Here’s a snapshot of what our employees have to say about Haynie Culture.


“The Company genuinely cares about its employees.”

“The culture here at Haynie is exciting and fresh. I feel like my voice is heard here when it comes to ideas and help. Haynie excels at making individuals feel accepted and wanted as part of the team and has an excellent review and interview program that helps individuals set and achieve goals that they want to pursue.”

“I love my job because I am appreciated and valued for my hard work.”

“I am well respected and feel like my company actually cares for me.”

“They live by the motto that if you treat your staff right, then your staff will treat you right. I have never felt undervalued or unappreciated. If I have concerns, I am taken seriously and give the attention need.”

“I feel respected as I balance working and being a mother. I feel appreciated and valued at work.”

“I feel appreciated and part of a family-team-oriented company.”



“The leaders know that work can’t always come first. If something comes up in your personal life – even during a deadline week – it needs to take priority, and someone will step in and help cover in your absence. Sometimes, that person is a manager or a partner.”

“It is flexible and I am given the freedom to meet my other life needs so long as my job duties are performed to satisfaction.”

“I love the people I work with. I have a flexible job when it’s not busy season. Even during the busy season, as long as you get your work done, it doesn’t matter if that’s at the office or home. I love my job because of Haynie Fridays! I love my job because of the great leaders Haynie has. Everyone seems like a family. No one is belittled based on their titles.”

“Haynie & Company places an emphasis on having a good work/life balance, but truly provides an environment to foster this.”

“We are given the resources, flexibility, and trust to serve clients well. The firm encourages and values family and work/life balance.”

Empowering Employees

“I love the people and the atmosphere. I love how everyone loves each other and they have great relationships. I love that it isn’t toxic at all and is a place full of growth and development.”

“I have the opportunity to work with great people, clients and professionals. My life is important to the company which allows me to govern myself and advance my career as I chose. The work is always changing and challenging which keeps me fresh and invigorating, never a dull moment.”

“I am part of a large group of innovative thinkers that allow me to work independently yet have help when needed at the click of an e-mail.”

“I have the opportunity to research ways to increase efficiency. I do not feel scared of asking questions or voicing concerns to my managers. I have the flexibility to work from home if needed. I have work-life balance.”

“I can chase my passions at work and outside work.”

“Haynie fosters strong, personal, and deep relationships with their clients and this is in line with how I’ve always felt. I get to be involved with a variety of industries which is exciting in itself and a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.”

“I am challenged to both learn and grow in my position. The time invested in my growth and development leads to better time management and efficiency on projects. I’m not stuck doing mundane tasks but more thought-provoking or complex thinking or analytical processing of problem-solving techniques. Partners are always available to assist and help so that is great as well.”


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