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Veteran Construction CPAs in The Woodlands, TX

Construction and other building companies pose some of the biggest accounting challenges. Complicated capital structures, construction and equity loans, insurance responsibility—there are countless moving parts when it comes time to reconcile the books or file taxes.


Many construction companies try to complete all this without a CPA. While you may find that the job was adequately done, looking deeper, there is a very high probability that a great deal of money was left on the table. That’s where our veteran construction CPAs here at Haynie & Company come in.


Construction accounting is complicated enough as it is. Trying to wing it in-house through automated accounting software might appear to save you money, but again, a deeper analysis will tell a different story. To cut costs during the pandemic, many construction firms have done away with internal accounting departments. These bandaids won’t stick. Haynie & Company’s office in The Woodlands, TX  ensures that your construction business maximizes cash flow and savings.

The Importance Of An Experienced Construction CPA

Since 1960, Haynie & Company has been helping individuals and businesses with their accounting needs. Our CPAs in The Woodlands, TX have worked with every industry and sector. This versatility is a real boon when it comes to construction.


Haynie & Company’s construction CPAs in The Woodlands have helped find savings in hidden places for individual contracts and annual filings. Our ability to work across disciplines allows us far more flexibility than other CPA firms, ensuring that your business will optimize savings under the latest tax code.


While our success derives from hard-won knowledge and experience, Haynie & Company remains on the vanguard of the construction industry because of our CPAs’ drive to achieve more.

Multi-talented Construction CPAs in The Woodlands, TX

Each of our team of construction CPAs here in The Woodlands, TX brings a variety of skills and outlooks. This multi-talented team provides your company with the most innovative perspective on your books. It’s this versatility that lies behind each of our service offerings, which include the following, and much more:


  • Privately Held
  • Real Estate
  • Residential
  • Owner Builder
  • Non-Residential
  • Small Renovation Contractors
  • Industrial
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Contractors
  • Highway Contractors
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Specialty Subcontractors

Haynie & Company does far more than prepare the books. Our construction CPAs generate productive insights and ideas for future savings. We are truly a full-service CPA firm, providing the most robust construction accounting service in the entire Woodlands area. Don’t leave the fate of your company’s accounts in the balance. Give us a call today.

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Haynie & Company is the only top quality full service CPA firm in The Woodlands, TX. Our construction CPAs have the experience and knowledge to optimize your savings and cash flow increases. Coming from a multitude of backgrounds, Haynie & Company can assess your construction business with a fresh eye.  So give us a call today for a free consultation at 281-440-5740.