Camp Haynie and Team Building in Colorado

Camp Haynie and Team Building in Colorado

Learning can be fun. This old adage is something Haynie & Company CPAs take to heart. Each year, as summer ends, our staff come together for unique educational events. This year, Colorado was home to the annual training for both the tax and audit departments.

Tax Training

In August, the Haynie & Company Tax Department traveled from across the region to Denver. The group spent time learning, team building, playing and exploring. They enjoyed bowling and gaming at Lucky Strike in downtown Denver. They also experienced the essence of Colorado while dining at The Fort Restaurant. When they weren’t team building, the group was encouraged and entertained by “The Winningest Coach in America”, Larry Gelwix. Coach Gelwix is a master storyteller. He shared practical principles and winning strategies relevant to our entire team.

Audit Training

In September, the Haynie & Company Audit Department took things out of the city. They set up Camp Haynie, high in the Rocky Mountains, near Estes Park. The group experienced hiking, horseback riding, sports, comradery and more. They also learned that continuing education can be silly. Jeff Sailor brought his unique style and crazy spoof videos to the training. Jeff’s goal is to teach “dull” accounting and auditing topics in a way that keeps accountants awake and interested so they can actually learn and use the material. His signature video parodies definitely kept our audit staff engaged!

Team building is very important to Haynie & Company. With nine offices across four states it can sometimes be difficult. The trainings are a critical time for our teams to bond, learn and come together. Partner, Nick Warnick emphasizes the importance of the annual retreats, “these trainings not only offer chances to learn, but also an opportunity to get to know people from other offices and experience the Haynie Culture together.”

Thank you everyone who made our training successful!





“It is so important to get our team together, connect with each other and have some fun. We have a great group and developing relationships is a vital part of the Haynie family culture”Partner, Brian Jacobson