Tax Credits and Incentives

Tax Credits and Incentives

Many states are eager to retain businesses and attract new employers. However, most businesses lack the specialized knowledge and resources needed to identify and take advantage of all the available credits and incentives.


Haynie & Company can help your company discover the full range of opportunities. We have helped clients apply for and obtain millions of dollars in incentives.


States are eager to attract employers that create jobs and invest in capital. Your company has a significant number of tax credits and tax incentives to explore.

Are you considering:

  • Post-acquisition consolidation of facilities or functions?
  • Expansion, renovation, or rebuilding?
  • Increased employment levels or investments in training?
  • Research and development expenditures? We specialize in R&D Tax Credits.
  • Sustainability or “green” initiatives (including renewable energy, recycling equipment, and pollution controls)?
  • Post-pandemic consulting for Employee Retention Credits (ERC) or other programs
  • SEC Audits

If any of these scenarios apply to your business, states offer a wide range of tax credits, abatements, exemptions, and other financial assistance. Incentives can make a huge difference in reducing startup and transition costs.

An employee of Haynie & Company providing tax services.
Our Approach

Haynie & Company assists with site selection and multi-bid cost comparisons to procure specific non-statutory, discretionary tax credits and negotiated tax incentives. These can be applied retroactively, as needed, for statutory incentives that might have been overlooked. Our services are flexible to assist companies regardless of the phase they are in. For optimal results, contact Haynie & Company early in the planning process. Many state incentives can be obtained only before relocation and expansion decisions have been finalized.

Case Study: Oil Field Service Manufacturer Obtain Millions In Incentives


An oil field service manufacturer with plants in multiple locations sought ideas for consolidation and cost reduction. Haynie & Company professionals identified state and local programs offering incentives to increase employment and invest in capital and training. After guiding the client through the application processes in multiple jurisdictions, one jurisdiction offered total incentives of $17.9 million while the other offered $3.6 million. These incentives helped shape the client’s decision to consolidate operations from two plants and improve returns for the parent company.