Haynie Gives: World Record to Fight Hunger

Haynie Gives: World Record to Fight Hunger

Haynie & Company Dallas loved participating in this years Tango Charities: Breaking a World Record Event on September 17, 2022. The event broke the Guinness World Record for the longest line of sandwiches with over 10,000 sandwiches made in one hour! The sandwiches were donated after the event to organizations across North Texas to help fight hunger.

About Tango Charities

Tango Charities is a movement of people with a shared belief: no person should go hungry. They are focused on providing healthy and nutritious meals to local communities.

Haynie Gives

Giving back is central to Haynie’s core values. Our Dallas team is always looking for local organizations to help give back to the community and service is just one of the ways they love to help whenever they can. Tax Manager, Heidi Maret, loves Tango Charities unique approach to fighting hunger and was happy to share this organization with Haynie.  

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