Succession Planning Resource Center

Succession Planning Resource Center

Selling Your Business?

What is your exit strategy? The earlier you consider succession planning, the more options usually remain. As Management Consultants our CPAs help hundreds of clients each year plan and prepare to sell their businesses. Most importantly, early planning is key. If you have not begun succession planning for your closely held business now is the time. The following resources can be a great starting point to explore your options and learn more. 

Resource Center

Selling Your Business Basics

Business Valuations

10 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Thinking About Whether to Exit (pdf)

10 Success Tips for the Family Business and Its Next Generation (pdf)

Using Compensatory Devices in Succession Planning (pdf)

Using Partnership Compensatory Devices in Succession Planning (pdf)

Succession Planning Using Retirement Plans (pdf)

Equity Compensation as a Succession Planning Device (pdf)

Succession Planning Using Employee Stock Ownership Plans (pdf)


Your Vital Team

There are innumerable issues to consider when creating the optimal succession plan. Working with your legal, tax, and accounting team is vitally important. Haynie & Company is here to help. Contact us with any business questions. Above all, it’s never too early to start planning and asking questions.   

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