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At Haynie & Company, we help businesses to prepare for SEC audits and work with many on an ongoing basis. Our team of professionals will identify any areas of concern that can be fixed prior to an audit, helping to save your company time and money. We have experience with the following auditing services:

  • Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) registered
  • SEC Audits, Review and Consultations
  • Annual and quarterly filing assistance
  • Preparation and review of public filings prior to auditor review
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 internal control implementation
  • Other required SEC filings
  • Privatization
  • Registration statement review and consents
  • Initial public offerings
  • Private placements
  • Complex debt and equity transactions
  • Foreign and domestic operations

Many people fear the auditing process. Contrary to popular belief, audits aren’t all so bad — in fact, the vast majority of them are a matter of course. A top nationwide CPA firm, Haynie & Company’s audit and assurance CPAs provide businesses, governments, and individuals with the country’s top auditing services.  As practitioners of all forms of auditing, we understand that they are routine processes for mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, and internal functions to ensure company accounts are accurate. The same goes for audits performed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 


Yes, even the majority of SEC audits fall under the category of everyday routine, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be evaluated with utmost concern and diligence. Haynie & Company’s nationwide team of knowledgeable and experienced audit CPAs stress that clients refrain from worrying themselves when SEC audits arise. As one of the best CPA firms in the country, our audit and assurance CPAs ensure that the review will proceed smoothly and without hitch. No other accounting firm in the country possesses our combination of skill, manpower, and most importantly, dedication to individualizing every client’s experience.

Haynie & Company’s Audit & Assurance Team


Founded in 1960, our CPA firm has seen over 60 years of evolution across U.S. financial and accounting policies, procedure, and practice. We began as a local outfit and, unlike the big four accounting firms, built branches in towns and cities across the country while retaining the same dedication to individualized service en route to becoming one of America’s best CPA firms. Haynie & Company’s audit and assurance teams throughout the country reflect these values in their work on a daily basis in poring over tax returns, financial statements, risk management, business valuation, and data analysis. 


Most big CPA firms offer each client a formulaic service that allows them to churn revenues at an accelerated clip. Our certified public accountants receive each and every client as if they were our first. From our first meeting or consultation to our exit interviews and debriefing, we’re concerned first and foremost with the performance of your business, agency, or individual financial success. In preparing you for an SEC audit, every detail reflects your circumstances, obstacles, and goals. Haynie & Company’s management accountants didn’t stop learning after their initial CPA exam and gaining their CPA license. Our management accountants engage in continuing professional education to ensure their position at the top of the accounting profession.

SEC Audits: Haynie & Company’s Qualified Process

Tailoring our service to individual clients requires effort, energy, and resources that other firms don’t have or won’t provide. From their initial CPA exam to their continuing education and professional conduct, our public accounting experts offer our clients the highest quality services to address SEC audits. We bring more to SEC audits than curated ideas and practices. 


Regardless of the reason for your SEC audit, you want to put your best foot forward. In all likelihood your finances will be reviewed for accuracy, honesty, and completeness. Our audit and assurance CPAs have executed dozens of SEC audits over the years. We understand that small mistakes can have a big impact—yet at the same time, that no problem is too big to resolve. Haynie & Company’s professional audit CPAs at once obsess over details while ensuring an air of calm. 

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Haynie & Company leaves no stone unturned. Whether you require merely an internal review or a deeper overhaul of your bookkeeping, Haynie & Company’s understanding of tax code and regulatory accounting practices knows no bounds. Our experience working with SEC auditors has instilled rapport between audit CPAs. Each decision is considered with an eye toward your ambitions and challenges that lie ahead. 


No other certified public accountant firm compares with Haynie & Company’s comprehensiveness. Our public accounting professionals didn’t stop learning and growing after passing their CPA exam. We field a team of specialized SEC audit CPAs with a broad range of knowledge within this specific skill set. When preparing for an SEC audit, ask yourself this: would you want anything less? Give us a call our visit us online today to find out more or schedule a free consultation. 

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