Real Estate CPAs in San Antonio

San Antonio Relies On Haynie & Company’s CPAs

In the field of accounting, experience is perhaps the most highly valued commodity—and even more valuable to CPAs specializing in real estate. Little can compare to years of firsthand knowledge of determining the value of properties, assets, and investments. That’s why San Antonio’s businesses and government rely on Haynie & Company. Our CPAs bring decades of combined experience.


And it isn’t just a real estate business that requires a real estate CPA. For example, countless corporations have taken advantage of their real estate assets, whose value and payments have been amortized. In simple terms, there is a great deal of money to be saved—and earned—under the direction of a quality real estate CPA from San Antonio’s most trusted firm: Haynie & Company.


Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs at our branch here in San Antonio have inherited generations of Haynie & Company records and lore. Most importantly, we get to know every client business as if it were our own.

Real Estate CPAs That Know And Talk Your Book

It’s simple to spot a cut rate real estate CPA. The cheap outfits from big companies may look shiny on the outside, but it will be, at most, a few months before the results rear their ugly face—missed itemizations and deductions, missed optimization of writeoffs, goodwill, and impairment costs, and other omissions of important details. Haynie & Company’s CPAs, on the other hand, will still be working with you at this point. Rather than churn clients to maximize our profit, we take the time to know and talk your book—so as to best maintain it.


Since 1960, Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs have formed lasting relationships with clients. That’s over 60 years of building real connections with businesses that have attested to being better off for our partnership. With over a dozen branches across the country, Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs here in San Antonio have one of the best networks of any CPA firm in the world.


Far from churning clients, Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs get to know what drives your business. Real estate firms are some of the most diverse businesses. Understanding the intricacies of your operations, cash flows, relationships, trajectories yields extraordinary results. With decades of experience, our real estate CPAs here in San Antonio are liable to use the tiniest of details to reap the greatest rewards.

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Our Real Estate CPAs Provide Comprehensive Service

Here at our branch in San Antonio, we have a saying of sorts: Haynie & Company’s CPAs don’t specialize in anything—we specialize in everything.


To specialize in any business segment requires first an understanding of the business as a whole. Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs didn’t show up on the job with a perfect understanding of cost segregation studies. Each of our expert CPAs has experienced a wide range of education and service. Haynie & Company’s real estate CPAs here in San Antonio can perform any task required of them—which, at a high level, means every service imaginable. Some of these services include, but certainly aren’t limited to:


  • Real estate appraisals
  • Tax structuring and planning
  • Incorporation and new business advisory
  • Tax credits, including renewable energy and incentives
  • Creditor protection planning
  • 179D Energy Tax Deduction
  • Financing and/or equity assistance
  • Tax deferral transactions
  • Forecasts and projections
  • Cost segregation analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Passive activity deductions
  • Asset protection
  • 1031 exchange
  • Tax preparation and planning
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) audits


There’s a unifying reason why businesses and even governments all across the country have come to rely on Haynie & Company. While this reason might boil down to profit—the savings and cash flows generated from our work—these profits stem from the seeds we plant throughout our networks. They are produced only after intimate analysis of your business, from top to bottom. Put simply, no other CPA firm provides the time and energy required to yield commensurate results; and no other CPA firm offering Haynie & Company’s level of dedication also possesses our level of skill and experience.

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Here at Haynie & Company, we believe in the power of building relationships and getting to know our clients. Our real estate CPAs have generated unparalleled savings and cash flows for clients because of our dedication and passion for this work. Don’t take a risk on unqualified accountants. Call Haynie & Company’s office in San Antonio at (210) 979-0055, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation. The results will speak for themselves.