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Accounting can be a burden for many business owners and managers. It’s difficult to juggle annual tax filings and financial records with operations and expansion. But for municipalities and their elements, maintaining transparent and orderly accounts can be an extraordinary feat. Cities and localities have varying laws, regulations, and budgetary obstacles that make municipal accounting a true challenge.


At Haynie & Company in San Antonio, our expert CPAs work in all ranges of municipal accounting. From helping accounting clerks dedicated to concentrated functions to local treasurers and comptrollers overseeing an entire municipal budget, our CPAs have experience with every aspect of accounting for towns and cities.

San Antonio’s most experienced municipal CPAs

Haynie & Company is one of few nationwide CPA firms with over six decades of practice across some of the United States’ biggest cities. So much knowledge and experience has been handed down over the years or brought to the firm along with top-tier talent. Few elements of the professional CPA’s skill set are more detailed and specific than the expertise required to practice municipal accounting.


First and foremost, Haynie & Company’s CPAs specializing in municipalities remain aware that the decisions made and actions taken will affect an entire local economy. For this simple yet integral reason, your municipal department can expect urgency and punctuality in making decisions and meeting deadlines when working with our San Antonio team.


Furthermore, one of the most dangerous yet overlooked corners of municipal accounting is regulatory or legal changes. Alterations to tax codes, regulations, and much more can greatly impact the budget or financial outlook. Haynie & Company’s team consists of San Antonio’s highest quality CPAs, ensuring that voting citizens can trust in your governance.

Our municipalities CPAs provide every service imaginable

Despite the need to follow procedure, CPAs are imaginative. At Haynie & Company, our CPAs are renowned for finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. Here’s a quick peek at some, but certainly not all, of Haynie & Company’s municipal accounting services:


  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Single Audits
  • Depreciation Fund Accounting
  • Digital Accounting
  • Internal Controls
  • Efficiencies Solutions
  • Projections and Budgeting
  • Financial Statements
  • Reporting (Internal and External)
  • Fiscal Year Reporting and Accounting
  • Year-end Accounting
  • Forecasts


Each of the services listed above is an umbrella term for vast subject areas; our professional CPAs understand each of them thoroughly and completely. The mission is simple: Haynie & Company’s team in San Antonio aims to help you achieve what every organized local government wants: increased revenues, more efficient and effective resources, and total adherence to laws and regulations.

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Haynie & Company provides accounting services for municipalities nationwide, so our team here in San Antonio is connected to a vast network of professionals. No CPA firm has accrued more knowledge and experience over the past 60 years. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our municipalities CPAs here in San Antonio, call Haynie & Company at 210-979-0055. Or visit our online form for more information.