San Antonio Cost Segregation

San Antonio’s Most Effective Cost Segregation CPAs

Haynie & Company offers cost segregation services to businesses and individuals across the greater San Antonio metro area. With decades of experience, our CPAs have helped an eclectic range of businesses and individuals generate outsized savings and cash flows through cost segregation studies. Whether you’re developing, acquiring, or refurbishing real estate, Haynie & Company’s team in San Antonio will make sure you reap the available benefits.


At Haynie & Company, we don’t pay lip service to experience and knowledge. Our expert CPAs in San Antonio have completed cost segregation studies for real estate trusts, public authority corporations, and businesses seeking to expand their operations. Our CPAs will maximize the ROI on any and all real estate deals.

San Antonio CPAs Making Proprietary Cost Segregation Studies

Haynie & Company has been in business for over 60 years. Over this time, we have evolved along with the times. Our CPAs are always in touch with the latest trends in accounting standards and practices. And when it comes to cost segregation, our team in San Antonio makes no exception.


Haynie & Company uses sophisticated practices to ensure that you stand to benefit. Our San Antonio team rolls out a strategy that accelerates the property’s depreciation timeline, thereby increasing your tax deductions.


Haynie & Company also works to shorten the depreciation timeline of your recently built, acquired, or renovated property. Our specialists accomplish this by reclassifying certain assets associated with your property. But our CPAs go further. In addition to increasing savings and cash flow by leveraging depreciation, we can also help you to:


  • Reduce property taxes
  • Accelerate depreciation on previously misclassified assets (such as any other properties)
  • Provide safeguards that stand the test of IRS review

Contact Haynie & Company in San Antonio for outsized savings on real estate

Real estate can get fairly complicated and expensive–but it doesn’t have to. Haynie & Company’s team in San Antonio possesses decades of experience in cost segregation analysis. We’ve helped countless individuals and businesses generate outsized returns on real estate deals. Give us a call at (210)979-0055, or contact us through our online form to schedule an initial consultation.