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Highly Regarded Construction CPAs in San Antonio

Haynie & Company has served businesses of all kinds across the Western United States. With fifteen branches spread throughout some of the United States’ biggest cities, we have witnessed more variations on bookkeeping and accounting styles than most. Our CPAs have seen enough right here in San Antonio to make Haynie & Company the area’s top accounting firm. That being said, from all this experience, our CPAs can safely say that construction companies bear some of the greatest burden in maintaining their books. Not to mention preparing taxes, reconciling write offs, and performing cost segregation studies—just to name a few.


Top to bottom, construction is a tough business. You’re either lugging heavy equipment and cement, or managing the workers who do. And for those of you who own these businesses—and those who manage the accounts—you know that, without a quality accounting team, it’s very difficult to make the high level decisions required to remain as profitable as possible. Or, if you aren’t aware, you might also be unaware of how much money you could be saving—and making—with a team of construction CPAs deeply knowledgeable in the latest tax code.


Too many construction firms here in San Antonio attempt to gain an edge with in-house accounting. These folks might have a knack for numbers. But, without a deep understanding of and experience with the tax code and GAAP, mistakes are bound to be made, and money will, inevitably, be left on the table. Haynie & company’s team of construction CPAs here in San Antonio is composed of award-winning talent. Haynie & Company can guarantee that our consulting costs, when subtracted from the earnings you will retain from our services, will dwarf the amount saved from using an in-house clerk.

San Antonio’s Award-Winning Construction CPAs

Haynie & Company first opened its doors back in 1960. Since then, our CPA firm has spread across the Southwest, garnering awards and praise in every branch. But we weren’t always a nationwide company.


Each construction CPA here at Haynie & Company retains the same hunger that drove our founders to establish this firm as a forerunner in modern accounting. Our accumulated knowledge and experience has been carried down through generations.After more than 60 years of service, our CPAs are still hungry enough to have earned Haynie & Company the third spot in Accounting Today’s list of fastest-growing accounting firms.


Earlier, we mentioned the dangers of relying on in-house employees without professional experience or accreditations. More prevalent today is the tendency of construction businesses here in San Antonio to rely utterly and totally upon automated products. Don’t get us wrong: accounting software such as Quickbooks can be great tools. Used in a vacuum, however, construction firms are liable to let immense amounts of accounting data to be calculated out of context. Worse yet, many of the relevant figures on the books will, inevitably, be unused or unrecognized. Unmanned, automated accounting software is the best way to ensure that your business fails to optimize tax savings, cost segregation studies, refinancing opportunities, and much, much more.


Haynie & Company’s award-winning construction CPAs here in San Antonio have generational experience, To go with it, our track record speaks for itself. Our drive to constantly improve backs these achievements and testaments to our ability. Whether you depend on an uncertified clerk, an automated software, or an uncertified clerk running automated software, the results will speak for themselves. More than missed opportunities, it’s the mistakes that will truly hurt you in the end. The least you can ask for in an accounting department is fundamental accuracy and compliance. But don’t you want the best?

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Haynie & Company Is A Full-Service San Antonio CPA Firm

Haynie & Company’s construction CPAs in San Antonio are far more than a group of math experts who memorized accounting principles and tax codes. Far more than that, our construction CPAs can provide for your business absolutely any service required, regardless of the scenario and its difficulty. We have helped construction companies all over San Antonio with cost analysis, projections, secular statements and reports, and much more. Better yet, Haynie & Company’s San Antonio CPAs have served practically every sector of the construction industry:


  • Privately Held
  • Real Estate
  • Residential
  • Owner Builder
  • Non-Residential
  • Small Renovation Contractors
  • Industrial
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Contractors
  • Highway Contractors
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Specialty Subcontractors


One of our proudest achievements here at Haynie & Company is our parade of victories at the Top Workplace Culture Awards. Our CPAs here in San Antonio are directly responsible for establishing a vibrant work culture that rewards employees while focusing on our customers. Here at Haynie & Company’s offices in San Antonio, our construction CPAs bring this attitude to your business. We will work with you to save money—but we will also work with you to build a longstanding relationship that saves you the worry over whether you will be prepared to budget and report on an annual basis.

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When was the last time that a professional accountant took a look at your books? Most construction businesses are losing out on huge opportunities for savings due to the complexities of the business. Here at Haynie & Company’s offices in San Antonio, our construction CPAs do far more than taxes and bookkeeping. So give us a call today for a free consultation at 210-979-0055.