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Unlike most big accounting firms, each of Haynie & Company’s branches maintain real relationships throughout local business communities. Our CPAs in Salt Lake City gain an insider’s knowledge of the businesses with which we work, which are both large and small, across any industry one might name. Above all, however, Haynie & Company has become known as Salt Lake City’s best small business accountants.


Our clients know that Haynie & Company has been in business for over 60 years. Starting out as a small business ourselves, we have intimate knowledge and experience with our own growth as a local and regional CPA firm. More importantly, our CPAs have worked with thousands of small businesses throughout the Salt Lake City area. Haynie & Company’s organic approach, customizing service for each and every client business, allows us to provide a big-firm level of service with the attention to detail of a boutique company.

Providing Salt Lake City’s Small Businesses Curated CPA Service


Our CPAs here at Haynie & Company tell clients upfront that we do offer specialized services—only our speciality reaches all small businesses. We don’t commit to the same level of knowledge as a paint store owner may have in pigments or a mechanic in cars. But we do commit the same level of dedication, time, and focus toward your business that any owner or manager might. Our small business accounting teams here in Salt Lake City have built a reputation on this commitment.


Haynie & Company’s commitment starts with tailoring our service to fit the needs of your small business. Our founders started this firm because every CPA shop they encountered employed the same strategy: they reduced small business accounting to its lowest common denominator and used this oversimplified method on every client.


Our team of small business accountants here in Salt Lake City approaches this work a bit differently, to say the least. We do everything in our power to understand your goals and current circumstances. We hand-pick dedicated CPAs with knowledge and experience in your industry, needs, and challenges. As a nationwide firm, we have the luxury of drawing from our massive pool of immensely talented CPAs to provide this curated service. At the same time, your business won’t receive emails from new members of Haynie & Company’s team every two weeks. Our team here in Salt Lake City will serve as your dedicated accounting team, whether that means working directly with you and your staff or bringing in any number of Haynie & Company’s specialized CPAs to work out specific problems and challenges.

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Haynie & Company provides more than formulaic CPA services. Our team of small business accountants in Salt Lake City has achieved success because we tailor our accounting services to your business’ specific needs and goals. So contact us online or give us a call for a free consultation with one of Haynie & Company’s small business accountants today.

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