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As Salt Lake City’s, leading investment fund audit firm, we understand the intricacies of compliance and regulations, and the last thing you need is financial uncertainty holding you and your business back. Haynie & Company’s seasoned team of CPAs is here to help, working for organizations of all sizes, from non-profits to investment firms, to demystify federal, state, and local laws to ensure your business remains transparent, accountable, and compliant today and every day.


Don’t let the complexities that surround investment fund audits hinder your growth. Contact Haynie & Company at (801) 972-4800 and discover how we can simplify your compliance and empower your financial success.

Understanding Investment Fund Audit Procedures in Salt Lake City


Maintaining robust financial health is crucial for any business, and a thorough investment fund audit plays a vital role in achieving this. Haynie & Company offers a comprehensive and objective assessment of your finances, going beyond mere compliance to provide actionable insights and strengthen your financial position.

Our CPAs will review your financial statements, employing rigorous processes aligned with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS), and will work diligently to identify and address any discrepancies, ensuring accuracy, conformity to regulations, and adherence to established accounting principles.


Here are the series of steps we follow when conducting investment fund audits:

Planning and risk assessment

An investment auditor will learn everything they can about the fund before diving into the numbers. This includes its operations and the regulatory requirements that are specific to Salt Lake City..

Internal control evaluation

The investment fund's internal controls' effectiveness is assessed to ensure financial reporting accuracy.

Thorough examination of financial statements

This is the heart of the investment fund audit, i.e., where a deep examination of financial statements occurs.

Verification and evaluation of assets and liabilities

CPAs will scrutinize investment transactions for investment funds like hedge funds, verifying the valuation of investments.

Compliance with Utah State Regulations

Investment fund audits in Salt Lake City, must follow state-specific regulations to ensure compliance with securities laws regulated by the Utah State Security Board.

Our Leading Investment Fund Audit Firm in the Salt Lake Area

Once an investment fund audit is completed, it’s delivered to the fund’s management and stakeholders, where it is carefully reviewed for any errors or red flags. These procedures give investors a better understanding of a fund’s portfolio and also ensure transparency so investors can make the best possible decisions around their investment.


In Salt Lake City’s competitive financial arena, flawless compliance is not just essential, it’s an advantage. Haynie & Company’s specialized hedge fund audit team does more than regulatory checkbox ticking; we provide a laser-focused review of your financials, ensuring adherence that is absolute and indisputable.


But Haynie & Company doesn’t just point you in the right direction, we empower you to conquer your financial goals. Our deep understanding of the local economic market equips you with the knowledge and strategic insights you need to capitalize on opportunities and avoid hidden pitfalls. With our guidance, you can confidently chart your path to sustainable success in the Salt Lake area.

Ensure Financial Transparency With Haynie & Company

Leaving your financial well-being to chance is a gamble, one that Haynie & Company helps you eliminate. Our team of certified CPAs delivers the precision, compliance, and transparency you deserve, as we’re intimately familiar with Salt Lake City’s complex regulatory environment and will work to ensure your business navigates it flawlessly. From comprehensive investment fund audit reports to custom financial guidance, we’re here to guide you through it all. Contact us today to speak with an investment fund auditor today and learn how our firm can empower your financial success.

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