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Haynie Wealth Management of Salt Lake City, Utah

We provide comprehensive financial planning through Haynie Wealth Management. Haynie Wealth is a full-service Registered Investment Advisor in Salt Lake City, UT providing individuals and families with financial planning and investment management solutions.


Our mission is to empower Salt Lake City, UT families to live their best lives through strategic and tax-efficient financial planning. We can help take the mystery out of preparing for today and tomorrow.


Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve assets, our financial advisory firm offers personalized wealth management services that focus on your needs, wants, and long-term investment goals.

  • Investment Management Services
  • Investment Strategies
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Allocation
  • Retirement Planning and Distributions
  • Retirement Income Strategies
  • Charitable Giving

Our Financial Advisors take a comprehensive approach to wealth management and financial planning. Our thorough process starts with getting to know you, your goals, and your hopes for the future.


By understanding your current situation, we can create a custom financial plan that encompasses education, retirement, estate planning, and every other facet of your financial future in Salt Lake City, UT.

Financial Planning Services and Analysis in Salt Lake City, UT

Financial Planning is a collaborative wealth management process that helps maximize the potential for meeting life goals such as retirement planning, tax planning, and so on. The process typically starts by collecting qualitative and quantitative information to create a clear picture of your net worth and cash flow.


Goals are then established, and your financial advisor creates a plan that is a pathway from where you are currently to where you want to go. Financial plans involve the following:


  • Cashflow supervision (budgeting)
  • Appropriate investments
  • Risk management
  • Estate implications
  • Tax strategy


Haynie Wealth Management CPAs include some of the top financial advisors in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rest assured we have your best interests in mind when it comes to financial planning, regardless of your financial situation.

Our Investment Management Framework

At Haynie Wealth Management, we offer a comprehensive approach to investment management. Our qualified financial advisors will work closely with you every step of the way. Here’s what the process consists of:


1. The first step is to get to know you and your financial goals.


By understanding your personal needs and positioning them in the current financial climate, we are able to align your portfolio objectives with an investment strategy that works best for you.


We’ll educate you in a manner that helps manage emotions and act on what you can control, and plan for what you cannot control.

People in Suits Discussing Financial Reports With Laptop and Calculator

2. Next we build you a diversified portfolio.


We’ll ensure that your diversified investment portfolio includes appropriate risk management strategies that allow your money to work its hardest for you. A customized investment strategy offers financial security and peace of mind that your money is helping you achieve your financial goals.


3. Finally, periodic reassessment of goals, changes, and risk tolerance will be performed.


As changes arise in both your life and global financial markets, we will continue to assess your risk tolerance to develop and refine your personalized investment plan.

An Integrated Approach to Tax Planning And Estate Planning

We understand that personal finances are just that – personal. That is why we take a comprehensive approach to our financial planning. Our thorough wealth management process starts with getting to know you, your goals, and your hopes for the future.


By understanding your current situation, your certified financial planner is able to create a custom financial plan that can encompass the following:


  • An education plan for current or future expenses.
  • A retirement plan for the short-term or long-term.
  • An estate plan and allocation of assets.
  • A tax plan for future taxes.
  • And every other facet of your financial future!


We will take time to obtain and analyze relevant information to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your current course of action.


Your financial planner will then work with you to identify and develop priorities, goals, and personal or family ambitions. This foundation allows us to make thoughtful decisions together that are in your long-term best interest.

Protect Your Future By Choosing Haynie Wealth Management As Your Professional Financial Planner

Since our start in 1960 in Salt Lake City, UT, our highest priority has always been to provide excellent service that exceeds expectations. Today, Haynie & Company is one of the fastest-growing CPA firms in Salt Lake City, UT, and the nation.


We are proud to offer our customers comprehensive financial planning and investment management services through Haynie Wealth Management.


Advisory services are offered by Haynie Wealth Management. Haynie & Company is not a registered investment advisor and does not provide investment advice.