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Specialized Manufacturing & Distribution CPAs

Logistics and supply chain businesses aren’t just booming these days—they’re outright overwhelmed. If you’re an owner or manager of one of these businesses, you know firsthand how difficult it has been to keep up with demand for anything from semiconductors to general retail inventory. At Haynie & Company’s office here in Salt Lake City, our manufacturing and distribution CPAs ensure that you don’t have to worry about the accounting side of things.


Time is only the overarching constraint. With increased business comes backlogs; and with backlogs come alternative plans and solutions. Furthermore, past bookkeeping, you’ve got postponed taxes coming up, along with additional tax items such as property and apportionment. With just one phone call, Haynie & Company’s specialized manufacturing and distribution CPAs take on this entire burden—and more.


Haynie & Company is far more than a bookkeeping company. Here at our Salt Lake City Branch, our CPAs come from highly trained backgrounds and decades of combined experience. Haynie & Company’s manufacturing and distribution CPAs help organize your balance sheet, cost structures, cash flows, and much more, providing reports that will inevitably assist your business decisions moving forward. What separates us from other CPA firms is that, as a whole, Haynie & Company doesn’t specialize in anything—we specialize in everything.

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Haynie & Company Custom-Tailored, Full-Service CPAs

Haynie & Company’s CPAs provide a service that other firms simply can’t match. Not only do we specialize in any sector or industry, we also provide any accounting service imaginable while curating a plan precisely for your business. Haynie & Company’s CPAs have been providing this level of service since we first opened our doors back in 1960.


More recently, Haynie & Company has reached over a dozen major U.S. cities. We have earned high praise and awards and built longstanding relationships because of our value added to client businesses. Our manufacturing and distribution CPAs have worked with dozens of businesses here in Salt Lake City, achieving the same results.


Our results derive from our dual approach: Haynie & Company provides your manufacturing or distribution business with any accounting service you need; then we tailor a plan to provide those services in the exact way that you need them. No two businesses look alike, so why should you work with a CPA firm that treats you like any other business? You make or ship a unique set of products or materials. You make or ship them using a unique set of production methods and logistics processes. And you have a unique staff, with varying size and individuals.


The bottom line is this: hiring a cut-rate clerk or, worse yet, a guy who’s done the books once or twice might look good up front. But the price you pay on the back end makes little sense. The countless opportunities for mistakes, the missed opportunities for added value through deductions, credits, segregation studies—the list goes on. Haynie & Company’s manufacturing and distribution CPAs here in Salt Lake City represent a world class echelon of accounting professionals. Don’t take a chance when you can guarantee savings and business improvements.

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Haynie & Company has been in business for over 60 years. With over six decades of knowledge and experience, a nationwide network, and the best talent to rely upon, our manufacturing and distribution CPAs will inevitably provide you with the results you need. Contact Haynie & Company’s Salt Lake City offices today at 801-972-4800 or through our online form to schedule an initial consultation with one of the nation’s top manufacturing and distribution CPAs.