Phoenix, AZ


Thirty-six years ago, Robert Arthur Duskin officially joined Duskin & Duskin, CPAs as a partner, catapulting the firm to become a leader in restaurant and hospitality accounting and consulting, individual accounting, business services and corporate tax services. Duskin & Duskin, CPAs joined Haynie & Company on November 1, 2019.


Robert has developed a reputation for dependability, integrity and professionalism and gained the trust of auditors, franchise industry, clients, colleagues, and other professionals. Since 1998, Robert has been an influential Member of the Denny’s Franchisee Association as both a Board Member and Board Advisor.


With his differentiating experience as a franchise concepts industry expert, franchisee owner, and Certified Public Accountant, Robert has a proven ability to build consensus, tactfully question the status quo, and make sound business decisions that increase Return on Investment. Robert is a visionary business leader and board member who is undeterred by challenging situations. He is recognized for effectively managing disruptive business models using strong corporate governance. Robert has extensive experience in corporate and personal income taxes, corporate mergers, acquisitions and sales of business and loan negotiations.


Robert graduated from the University of Arizona in 1983 with a degree in Accounting. He is fond of explaining that he was born into a family of accountants and sticks by his story that his parents kept an abacus in his crib rather than stuffed play toys. As you can imagine, while graduation wasn’t until 1983, Robert truly grew up working in the family accounting firm. During high school and college as well, Robert also worked in restaurants honing his hospitality skills. Thus, as Robert likes to say, “I not only can talk the talk, I also can walk the walk”. Once graduated, besides specializing in the hospitality industry, Robert focused on taxation and consulting. With more than 36 tax seasons under his belt, he is an expert in this arena.


Robert is married to April Duskin and has three children and one son-in-law. He loves photography, reading, athletics and most anything fun that gives him an excuse to travel.